Impressive solar energy system on Spratly islands

Tuesday, 09/07/2019 16:33
On Spratly islands, a solar energy battery and wind turbines going into operation help ensure power provision for soldiers and islanders.

“Park” on Spratly islands

Strong development in Spratly Islands

The power system started its operation in October 2018.

The system was first carried out in big Spratly island

The solar and wind power system has been available in most islands of the Spratly archipelago.

The system using advanced technology provides a stable source of power.

A majority of the equipment is imported from foreign countries.

A fan helps cool the equipment.

According to Lieutenant Le Duy Hong on Phan Vinh island, the power satisfies 100% of energy for tasks and 90% of soldiers’ demand.

It also ensures soldiers’ and islanders’ material and spiritual lives.

The energy system joins a salt water refinery on the islands.

However, the harsh and salty weather downgrades the system more rapidly than on the mainland.

Wise use of the system is practiced everyday for saving power and lengthening the longevity of the system.
BTA (Photos: TGVN)