Belgian writer seeks new book ideas in Vietnam

Sunday, 06/10/2019 11:12
Belgian writer Jean-Pierre Orban who won Europe Book Prize 2015 has come to Vietnam to seek new inspiration for his future books.

Belgian writer Jean-Pierre Orban (Source: VNU University of Social Sciences and Humanities)

This is the second time Jean-Pierre Orban has visited Vietnam. The visit is at the invitation of the Wallonie-Bruxelles Delegation in Vietnam and Sao Bac Media Company, a publisher of his recent novel ‘Toutes les îles et l’océan’ which was translated into Vietnamese.

The Belgian writer said Vietnam is in the process of deep international integration and strong cultural exchange and this is also a source of inspiration for him.

Jean-Pierre Orban has won many prestigious prizes including the Europe Book Prize in 2015 for his first novel “Vera”. He said he was happy to learn that his books have got much popularity in Vietnam./.