Australia continues to promote Vietnam's vocational education support activities

Friday, 15/04/2022 16:34
On April 14, the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs and the Australian Embassy in Vietnam officially announced the next phase of vocational education support in Vietnam - the Aus4Skills program.

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Vietnamese and Australian representatives press the button to announce the second phase of the project. (Photo: PANO)

Over the past four years, Aus4Skills has promoted linking logistics businesses with vocational education in Vietnam; and helped ensure that the skills of graduates meet the requirements of employers in the logistics industry. Since 2017, more than 5,300 students from several vocational institutions have benefited from the Aus4Skills program through improved teaching. Their admission rates to logistics-related courses have increased eightfold, and their graduates are highly sought after by employers because they can work immediately.

The project, worth approximately VND246 billion, started in 2021 and will successfully expand the above-mentioned model of cohesion for more than 4 years (2021-2025). It is designed to help Vietnam upskill its workforce, an essential element for Vietnam to achieve its goal of becoming a high-income country by 2045. This support activity focuses on logistics, an industry prioritized for development by Vietnam. By 2025, this industry is expected to contribute from 8% - 10% of the total national income. This is also an industry in which Australia has a lot of experience.

The activities of the project will create professional development opportunities for teachers, managers, and leaders of vocational education and training to build a framework to ensure the quality of training and programs in accordance with the needs of businesses, with the support and close connection of the businesses. In addition, the project will also continue to create opportunities for women and people with disabilities to access vocational education and jobs in the logistics industry, because this industry is considered a male-dominated profession, although women have sufficient skills and capacities.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Le Tan Dung, Deputy Minister of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, said that in Vietnam, the logistics industry is considered an important service industry of the national economy because it serves connection and economic development. A skilled workforce will be key to the growth of the logistics industry.

Ms. Robyn Mudie, Australian Ambassador to Vietnam, shared that Australia remains committed to supporting Vietnam in its next stage of development, including strengthening the skills of its workforce. A skilled workforce will help ensure that Vietnam's industries remain competitive./.

Compiled by BTA