Lao Cai showcases diverse historical documents and images on Uncle Ho

Thursday, 14/09/2023 14:17
Celebrating the 65th anniversary of Uncle Ho's visit to Lao Cai (September 24, 1958 - September 24, 2023), Lao Cai province has just completed construction and is preparing to put into operation the President Ho Chi Minh Memorial House in Lao Cai city.
Ho Chi Minh Museum handed over the artifact version of Uncle Ho's hat used when he visited Lao Cai to the President Ho Chi Minh Memorial House in Lao Cai province (Photo: Lao Cai Museum)

Mr. Nguyen Van Thang, Director of Lao Cai Provincial Museum, said that the Memorial House of President Ho Chi Minh is a place to display many precious artifacts and images of Uncle Ho's life of revolutionary activities and his affection for the people of Lao Cai province; and the affection of cadres, Party members, soldiers and people of Lao Cai province towards President Ho.

The memorial house will feature rare historical images on Uncle Ho's visit to Lao Cai province on September 23-24, 1958.

Visitors can see through the process of Uncle Ho's revolutionary activities; his lifestyle and work from the time he left to find a way to save the country for more than 30 years until he returned to lead the Vietnamese revolution to victory and his affection for officials and people in Lao Cai province.

With the theme of President Ho Chi Minh and Lao Cai province, the Memorial House introduces that during the period from October 1945 to November 1962, Uncle Ho sent 6 letters to officials, people, and armed forces, Sa Pa children, Apatite mine workers; and an article praising the people of Ban Pho commune, Bac Ha district.

During his 24 years as President, Uncle Ho awarded 87 badges, signed an order awarding 346 Medals of Resistance against the French to officials, Party members and people of Lao Cai, 3 Labor Medals and 7 Certificates of Merit for all districts and communes of Lao Cai province.

Especially, on September 23, 1958, Lao Cai was honored to welcome Uncle Ho to visit.

At the headquarters of the Lao Cai Provincial Party Committee, he intimately talked with officials, people of all groups, soldiers and workers of Lao Cai province. He thoughtfully advised and clearly pointed out the major tasks for the Party Committee and Lao Cai people to carry out, which focused on strong solidarity, increased production, order and security, and fine customs and traditions.

Uncle Ho's letters, articles, concern, and advice created the driving force to promote the patriotic emulation movement through historical periods and the comprehensive development of the province.

The Memorial House is an attractive destination for tourists when visiting the border province of Lao Cai and is a red address for traditional education for the young generation./.

Compiled by BTA