President Ho Chi Minh's memorial site on Co To Island recognised as special national relic

Friday, 21/01/2022 16:56
President Ho Chi Minh's memorial site on Co To Island District, Quang Ninh Province, has just been ranked a special national relic.

Uncle Ho memorial complex in Thua Thien – Hue recognized as special national relic site

The historical relic of President Ho Chi Minh memorial site on Co To Island, Quang Ninh Province, is a type of famous memorial monument, including Uncle Ho monument, campus, stele, temple, souvenir gallery, potato fields and salt fields.

Uncle Ho monument in the memorial area (Photo: VOV)

This is a memorial area recording the historical event that the helicopter brought Uncle Ho from Tra Co, Mong Cai, to visit the people of Co To Island District more than 60 years ago, on May 9, 1961. To show respect and gratitude to him, in January 1962, the Hai Ninh Provincial Administrative Committee asked Uncle Ho's permission to erect a statue of Uncle Ho on the island and this is the only monument approved by Uncle Ho to erect a statue while he was still alive.

The historical site of President Ho Chi Minh's memorial on Co To Island is a place for officials and soldiers of the people of Quang Ninh in general and Co To District in particular to show their respect to the beloved Uncle Ho, while affirming Vietnam's "sovereignty milestone" in the sea and islands, a precious national heritage that needs to be preserved, and its historical and cultural values need to be honored associated with traditional and historical education.

The recognition of the President Ho Chi Minh's memorial site on Co To Island as a national special site is of great significance to the people of the island district in particular and Quang Ninh in general in managing, preserving and promoting the value of the relic, especially in the marine tourism development strategy.

“I think this place will become a place of pilgrimage for the people of Quang Ninh as well as the people of the whole country to both admire the natural beauty and review the historical values, reminding us of our responsibility to protect our nation's sovereignty,” said historian Duong Trung Quoc. “I think we can call on our international friends to come and show them the will and desire to build a border of peace, friendship and cooperation.”

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