Prime Minister offers incense in memory of late Government leaders

Sunday, 04/02/2024 12:31
Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh offered incense in memory of several late Government leaders at their houses and extended Lunar New Year greetings to the late leaders’ families on February 3.
PM visits the family of late PM Vo Van Kiet (Photo: VNA) 

Paying respect to late Chairman of the Council of Ministers Pham Hung (1912 -1988), PM Chinh praised the late leader as a model example of revolutionary ethics and a prestigious leader of the country.

Offering incense to late PM Vo Van Kiet (1922 - 2008), Chinh recalled his memories with the late leader, stressing that he left deep imprints on the cause of Doi Moi, integration and development of the country.

Remembering late PM Phan Van Khai (1933 - 2018), the PM highlighted that the late leader had brought about many new things in institution building and economic integration, contributing to national development./.

CPV (Source: VNA)