Quang Tri and Israel promote cooperation in renewable energy

Thursday, 19/05/2022 00:36
On May 17, the Quang Tri Provincial People's Committee and the Israeli Embassy in Vietnam jointly organized the Israel - Quang Tri renewable energy technology workshop.

Ho Chi Minh City, Israel boost up cooperation

A wind power project in the mountainous district of Huong Hoa,
Quang Tri Province (Photo: SGGP)

The workshop was an opportunity for Quang Tri to introduce its potentials and opportunities for cooperation, exchange, experience sharing and technological solutions in the field of renewable energy with partners, Israeli and international businesses, thereby supporting Vietnamese businesses and Quang Tri enterprises to find optimal solutions in the process of operating renewable energy plants to ensure the sustainability of the project.

Addressing the workshop, Ha Sy Dong, Standing Vice Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee, said that the southwest wind blowing strongly from March to September every year is an ideal condition for investors in the field of electricity production from wind energy. By 2025, Quang Tri province aims to produce about 5,000MW of electricity from thermal power plants, gas power plants, wind power plants, solar power plants, biomass power plants and hydropower plants, contributing to creating a new driving force for economic development.

Israeli Ambassador to Vietnam, Mr. Nadav Eshcar said that Quang Tri has many wind power projects that have been in operation; therefore, he expressed his belief that it will become an energy center in the near future.

“Israel currently has strengths in renewable energy development, we are not strong in infrastructure, but we are strong in technology with a lot of smart software for managing and operating energy projects,” he said. “We believe that this workshop is the gateway to cooperation between Israel and Vietnam in this field."

Quang Tri currently has 31 approved wind power projects with a total capacity of more than 1,100 MW. Nineteen of them have completed construction and been put into operation for commercial power generation with a total capacity of more than 671 MW.

It is expected that in the period 2025-2030, the province will put into operation about 900MW of onshore wind power projects, about 1,000MW of offshore wind power, 80MW of biomass power and about 1,700MW of hydroelectric projects.

Israel is a country on the path to energy independence through innovative renewable energy solutions. There are about 100 Israeli companies with solutions ranging from energy production, transmission, distribution and storage of energy to carbon reduction and hydrogen energy.

Israeli companies at the workshop represent an ecosystem of innovative companies in the energy sector, including Augwind, Brenmiller Energy, mPrest, Ecowave Power and Solar Drones./.


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