Tra Vinh Border Guard upholds responsibility of officers in studying and following Uncle Ho

Thursday, 28/03/2024 08:45
On March 27, the Tra Vinh Border Guard Party Committee summarized 3 years of implementing Conclusion 01 of the Politburo (term XIII) on continuing to implement Directive 05 of the Politburo (term XII); 2 years of implementing Resolution 847 of the Central Military Commission on promoting the qualities of Uncle Ho's soldiers and resolutely fighting individualism in the new situation (2021-2023).

Over the past time, the provincial Border Guard Party Committee led and directed party committees and commanders of agencies and units to study, grasp and popularize Conclusion 01; Resolution 847 and regulations and instructions on Party building and rectification work to all officials, party members and unions.

Mr. Duong Van Trieu, Standing Deputy Head of the Tra Vinh Party Committee’s Commission of Popularization and Education, spoke at the event. (Photo:

Colonel Tran Van Oanh, Deputy Political Commissar of the Tra Vinh Border Guard, said: “The entire unit has closely combined studying and following Ho Chi Minh’s ideology, ideology and style, Resolution 847 to realize political tasks.”

Leaders need to be exemplary in studying, cultivating and training to promote the qualities of Uncle Ho's soldiers, resolutely opposing individualism, contributing to building comprehensively strong units. 

In his conclusion speech of the conference, Colonel Nguyen Duc Minh, Commander of the provincial Border Guard, praised the achievements and outstanding operational results of agencies and units in recent years.

On this occasion, the provincial Border Guard Command awarded certificates of merit to 3 collectives and 7 individuals with outstanding achievements in implementing Conclusion 01 of the Politburo and Resolution 847 of the Central Military Commission./.