University highlights Uncle Ho’s teachings on education

Tuesday, 16/11/2021 16:24
On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of its establishment, on November 15, Hanoi National University of Education held a seminar entitled "Hanoi National University of Education - 70 years of implementing Uncle Ho's commandments on education".

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The seminar attracted the attention of many researchers from universities and academies specializing in Uncle Ho studies such as the Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics and the Institute of History.

Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Minh delivers the opening speech. (Photo:

Speaking at the seminar, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Minh, Rector of Hanoi National University of Education, commented that few universities had the honour to welcome Uncle Ho as many times as the Hanoi National University of Education. “Uncle's advice on how to make this university not only a pedagogical one but also a model of the whole country inspired teachers and students in every thought and every action,” he said.

“The 70th anniversary of Hanoi National University of Education at this time has special significance. That is the positioning of Vietnamese education, Vietnamese universities, and coordinates of Vietnamese science on the world map,” he went on to say. “This raises many big questions for Vietnamese intellectuals. Not only that, lessons on people’s characteristics, bravery, devotion and use of people are always the key to pave the way for the country to develop."

He noted that the seminar was held to review the construction and development activities of the university following the teachings of President Ho Chi Minh in the fields of education and science, personnel building, training and international cooperation, proposing development orientations of the university in particular and the pedagogy in general, in order to better implement Uncle Ho's teachings on building a model university.

The organizing committee received nearly 50 works showing many profound aspects of Uncle Ho's views and thoughts on education in general, higher education and pedagogy education in particular, and the importance of public science and technology in education and training. The works are divided into 3 groups, including President Ho Chi Minh's teachings on Vietnamese education in general - Hanoi National University of Education in particular; the application of President Ho Chi Minh's thought in pedagogical education;  and Hanoi National University of Education’s current issues./.

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