Vietnam strives to have leading biotechnology industry in Asia

Tuesday, 07/02/2023 15:42
The Politburo has set a target that by 2030, Vietnam will have the world's advanced biotechnology and be in the top 10 leading countries in Asia.
Experts work at the Center for Biotechnology in Ho Chi Minh City. (Photo: HCMBIOTECH) 

Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong on January 30 signed a resolution on behalf of the Politburo on the development and application of biotechnology to serve the country's sustainable development in the new situation.

According to the Politburo, the development of biotechnology is the trend of the world, an important driving force to carry out the process of renewing the growth model, restructuring the economy, ensuring social security and national defense and improving people's living standards.

Vietnam sets a goal by 2030 to strive for a biotechnological foundation reaching the world advanced level in a number of important fields; to be one of the top 10 Asian countries in biotech smart production and services; and widely apply these in industries and fields, contributing to economic and social development.

The Politburo wishes that, in the next 7 years, the biological industry will become an important economic and technical branch. Enterprises increase 50% in investment scale and growth, replacing at least 50% of imported biotechnology products; contribute 7% to GDP and ensure the essential needs of society.

In 2045, Vietnam will have the world's most developed biotechnology, be a center for smart production and services; while its entrepreneurship and innovation in biotechnology will belong to the leading group in Asia. The bio-industry will contribute  10-15% of GDP.

To achieve the above-mentioned goals, the Politburo requires agencies to unify their awareness on the development and application of biotechnology in the new situation; perfect the legal system, development and application mechanisms; and attract businesses, organizations and individuals to research, apply, and produce.

Party committees and authorities must direct the development and effective application of biotechnology in production and life; and develop the biological industry into an important economic and technical branch serving the cause of national construction and defense.

In agriculture, biotechnology needs to support the creation of plant and animal breeds that can adapt to climate change, fight pests and diseases, achieve high productivity and quality; simultaneously research vaccines and biological products to prevent diseases of livestock and plants; and support conservation and development of rare genetic resources.

The product processing industry also needs to apply biotechnology to have safe and high-value products from domestic materials.

Agencies are also requested by the Politburo to assist biotechnology enterprises in improving their ability to access new technologies and intellectual property; branding and commercialization of products; and to effectively use inventions and high-value inventions of the world.

The training of human resources also receives special attention by the Politburo, in which, solutions include researching and building a training model for biotech human resources from general education to university and higher education; strengthen linkages between enterprises, employers and training institutions; and form and develop prestigious research groups of international level./.

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