Vietnam Trade Union Congress wrapped up in Hanoi

Sunday, 03/12/2023 18:00
(CPV) - The Congress affirmed the determination of trade unions at all levels and all trade union officials to strive to train, take advantage of opportunities, overcome all difficulties and challenges, and proactively innovate their organization and operations, focusing on representing, caring for, and protecting the legal and legitimate rights and interests of union members and workers.
Leaders attended the closing ceremony at the 13th Vietnam Trade Union Congress. (Photo: CPV)

On December 3, the 13th Vietnam Trade Union Congress closed at the National Convention Center. The Congress elected a new executive committee and its leader.

The event was attended by permanent member of Party Central Committee’s Secretariat and Head of the PCC’s Commission of Organization, Truong Thi Mai; Secretary of the Party Central Committee and President of the Viet Nam Fatherland Front Central Committee, Do Van Chien; and PCC member and Deputy Prime Minister Tran Hong Ha.

Nguyen Dinh Khang, president of the Vietnam General Confederation of Labour (VGCL), was re-elected head of the organisation. (Photo: CPV)

Speaking at the closing ceremony, Member of the Party Central Committee, Chairman of the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor Nguyen Dinh Khang stated clearly that after 3 days of active, urgent, serious and high-responsibility work, the 13th Vietnam Trade Union Congress has completed all the contents of the proposed program.

The opening ceremony of the Congress was honored to welcome Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong, State President Vo Van Thuong, and National Assembly Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue.

Nguyen Dinh Khang represented 168 members of the 13th Executive Committee to deliver a speech accepting their duties. (Photo: CPV)

Party leader Nguyen Phu Trong delivered a speech, making major recommendations for the Vietnam Trade Union to better perform its role in the changing global environment.

Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong has asked the Vietnam General Confederation of Labour (VGCL) to develop long-term social welfare programmes for employees to better cater to their needs and to ensure they feel comfortable at work.

Leaders of the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor presented flowers to say goodbye to members of the Executive Committee and members of the Inspection Committee of the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor, term XII. (Photo: CPV)

The congress showed its strong resolve to renovate Trade Union organization and activities, build a comprehensively strong Vietnam Trade Union, with a primary focus on meeting the requirements of the new context, protecting the legal and legitimate rights and interests of union members and workers, and actively engaging in State management and socio-economic management.

The congress asked grassroots-level Trade Unions to formulate a plan of actions to materialize the congress’ resolution in order to make a breakthrough in the workers’ movement and Vietnam Trade Union activities.

Delegates voted to approve criteria of the Congress. (Photo: CPV)

On behalf of the new executive committee, VGCL president Nguyen Dinh Khang called on Trade Union officials, members, and workers nationwide to unite and uphold the spirit of responsibility and innovation, to overcome all difficulties and challenges and successfully implement the congress’ resolution in the coming five years till 2028.

The 13th National Trade Union Congress took place in Hanoi from December 1-3 with the participation of 1,095 delegates.

The Congress agreed on the following targets:

Targets until the end of the term:

- The whole country has 15 million trade union members, established grassroots organizations in 100% of enterprises with 25 or more employees.

- At least 83% of enterprises and units have trade unions that meet the conditions prescribed by law to have unions negotiate and sign collective labor agreements in accordance with the law.

- Striving to have 90% or more of labor cases taken to court being supported by the union, participating in protection proceedings when requested by union members.

Breakthrough stages:

(1) Promoting dialogue and collective bargaining, with the focus on wages, bonuses, working hours, rest hours, and labor safety and hygiene.

(2) Focusing on developing trade union members and establishing grassroots trade unions in non-state enterprises.

(3) Building a team of grassroots union presidents to meet task requirements, especially union presidents at non-state enterprises./.

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