Writer’s family presents more than 1,000 documents about Uncle Ho and Party and State leaders

Friday, 10/03/2023 15:39
On March 9, the Hanoi-based National Archives Center III held a ceremony to receive more than 1,000 photos, materials and documents about Uncle Ho and the Party and State leaders presented by writer Son Tung’s family.
At the ceremony (Photo: PANO) 

This was the second time that the National Archives Center III received a large amount of documents from writer Son Tung. The contents of the documents include materials and images of the homeland, family, life and journey of President Ho Chi Minh; documents and images of Party and State leaders such as Party General Secretary Le Duan, Prime Minister Pham Van Dong, General Vo Nguyen Giap; documents on patriotic senior journalists; and documents about the life and career of writer Son Tung.

The authentic, vivid and diverse documents of writer Son Tung are a reliable and valuable source of information for historical researchers, cultural workers, teachers, students, as well as those who love the history and culture of the country. The source material has contributed to enriching the collection of the National Archives of Vietnam.

Speaking at the reception ceremony, Ms. Tran Viet Hoa, Director of the National Archives Center III, affirmed that writer Son Tung is not only a seriously wounded soldier, a person with meritorious services to the country, but also an example of humanity and extraordinary efforts in labor.

Sharing at the reception ceremony, Mr. Bui Son Dinh, son of writer Son Tung, recounted his father's journey of collecting documents, especially since 1975. Writer Son Tung and his wife, Mrs. Phan Hong Mai, overcame many difficulties and obstacles to go to the South to collect documents about Uncle Ho.

In order to promote the extremevalue of the above documents, in the near future, the National Archives Center III will carry out the scientific editing and arrangement, along with bringing the documents to the public, serving the cause of national construction.

Writer, Hero of Labor Son Tung (1928-2021) was born in Nghe An. He was a writer specializing in writing about Uncle Ho and revolutionary celebrities, including 16 books about Uncle Ho./.

Compiled by BTA