Young miners and exemplary models following Uncle Ho honored

Friday, 17/11/2023 15:00
The Youth Union of Vietnam Coal and Mineral Industries Group (Vinacomin) coordinated with the Quang Ninh Coal Union to organize a ceremony to commend oustanding youth who follow Uncle Ho’s teachings, typical and exemplary young miners in 2023.
The examples of outstanding youth following Uncle Ho’s words were honored at the event. (Photo:

This is a meaningful activity of Vinacomin youth to celebrate the 55th anniversary of Uncle Ho's meeting with the delegation of workers and officials of the coal industry (November 15, 1968-2023), the 87th anniversary of the traditional day of workers in the mining area and the traditional day of the coal industry (November 12, 1936-2023).

2023 is determined as a year with many important events for the country, Quang Ninh and the coal industry; since the beginning of the year, the Standing Committee of Quang Ninh Coal Union and the Youth Union of Vinacomin have launched an emulation for successful production with high productivity.

Youth Union work activities and youth movements of all levels of the Union linked to production and business have been widely spread throughout the Union, especially for Vinacomin youth who have effectively promoted the creative youth movement and the volunteer youth movement. 

With the characteristics of a Youth Union organization in an enterprise; officers, union members, and youth in the Group are young people who have access to scientific and technical advances, dare to think, dare to do, constantly study, research and create. Many topics, research projects and initiatives have been recognized at all levels and many outstanding individuals were recognized.

At the program, the organizers honored 190 officials and union members as exemplary youth following Uncle Ho’s teachings, typical young miners and representatives of excellent youth models in 2023. Among them, there were 69 examples of progressive youth following Uncle Ho’s teachings in 2023; 55 typical young miners; and 66 typical models./.