At the signing ceremony (Photo: SGGP)
Accordingly, the two sides will work together to conduct scientific research on political theory, and review factual development in Ho Chi Minh city in order to give consultancy to the leadership by the city Party Committee, contributing to provide scientific and factual foundations for policy making and leadership by the PCC, Politburo and PCC Secretariat.

In addition, the two sides will coordinate in training leaders and managers for Ho Chi Minh city, carrying out activities to struggle against negative degradation in political ideology, morality and lifestyle of cadres and Party members, “peaceful evolution”, riots, destructive schemes and ruses by hostile forces; protect the country’s regime, the Party, people, independence, sovereignty and territorial integration.

Together with it, the two sides will organize together worships and talks on scientific and factual theory; regularly share and exchange information, publications and documents serving the implementation of political tasks in terms of political theory assigned by the Party and State; and exchange information on new domestic and foreign research relating to political theory.

Addressing the signing ceremony, Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh city Party Committee Dinh La Thang confirmed that the city Party Committee always appreciated the important role of the PCC Theoretical Council as a consultancy agency for the PCC, Politburo and PCC Secretariat in political theoretical issues, in order to create the consultancy foundations for making, completing and developing the Party guidelines and policies, as well as its leadership.

“The PCC Theoretical Council increasing cooperation with localities and agencies is crucial and of great significance to keep pace with reality, review reality and study theory, thus promptly and effective addressing issues arisen in reality,” he said.

According to Secretary Thang, after the signing ceremony, the Standing Board of the city Party Committee will direct relevant agencies to develop specific programs for 2017 and the years to come on cooperation with the PCC Theoretical Council.

He urged the PCC Theoretical Council to continue to ask for the central level to complete breakthrough guidelines, policies and laws boosting the development of the city.

Stressing Ho Chi Minh city’s important role in diverse areas, Prof. Dr. Phung Huu Phu, Standing Vice President of the PCC Theoretical Council, said that the signing of the cooperative program would facilitate the council accessing, studying and reviewing reality for completing theoretical issues. “Ho Chi Minh city is a large city and an ideal place for studying reality and drawing diverse common issues for applying through the whole country,” he said./.

Compiled by BTA