Director of Dong Thap provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism Nguyen Ngoc Thuong (Source: CPV)

According to the director of Dong Thap provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism Nguyen Ngoc Thuong, there are 99 communal houses in 12 localities. Four of them were recognized as national relics. They are Long Khanh communal house in Long Khanh A commune, Hong Ngu district; Tan Phu Trung communal house, Tan Phu Trung commune, Chau Thanh district; Phu Huu communal house in Cai Tau Ha town, Chau Thanh district; and Dinh Yen communal house in Dinh Yen commune, Lap Vo district.

Most communal houses in the province and across Southern region are modeled on the communal houses in Northern Vietnam. They were shaped in the 19th century.

Over hundreds of years of reclaiming land, there have been many ancient communal houses imbued with Vietnamese cultural architecture in Dong Thap province. It is not only a place for traditional beliefs and culture, but also a place for education of patriotism, national pride, gratitude for fallen soldiers, predecessors who reclaimed villages; and for cultural exchange among ethnic groups in the province.

Long Khanh communal house in Long Khanh A commune, Hong Ngu district (Source: CPV)

In order to serve the daily needs of villagers’ community, the communal house works as a cultural center to organize traditional sports games, folk games, cultural activities,  voting and resolving issues related to village and hamlet conventions and other contents in the movement to unite all people to build a cultural life.

"Dong Thap province is working on a pilot project at these four typical communal houses. Accordingly, the province will upgrade communal houses, reinstate traditional rituals in festivals and organize folk artistic activities at communal houses", Mr Thuong shared.

The province has many famous tourist sites such as Nguyen Sinh Sac Relic Site, Tram Chim tourist area, Xeo Quyt relic area, Gao Giong eco-tourism area, Dong Sen Thap Muoi tourist area and Sa Dec flower village.

Tourists can experience products such as visiting To pagoda in Cao Lanh district, Con Phu My friendly village in Thanh Binh district, Dinh Yen mat weaving village in Lap Vo district, Ba Dai boat-building village in Lai Vung district and Long Khanh shawl weaving village in Hong Ngu district./.

Compiled by BTA