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The Philippines is the biggest rice export market of Vietnam with a 39.9% share, equivalent to 1.3 million tons and USD598.6 million, up 23.1% in volume and 42.2% in value year on year.

In addition, rice export also witnessed sharp growth in some markets such as Senegal, up 18.3 fold, Indonesia up 2.9 fold and China up 2.3 fold.

For varieties, white rice export value made up 38% of total revenue; Jasmine rice and fragrant rice accounted for 38%, sticky rice 19.6%, and Japonica and Japanese rice 4.2%.

From now to the end of the year, volume of exported rice is forecast to rise due to demand increase. Rice is among Vietnam’s agricultural commodities which still maintains growth amidst the complicated situation of the COVID-19 epidemic./.