In early morning, family members and medical staff arrive at the military airport of Division 371

After two years of training, Vietnam's second group of 63 personnel have fulfilled the U.N. requirements to replace their colleagues at Vietnam's field hospital participating in peacekeeping mission in South Sudan.

A medical staff carries baby before leaving for South Sudan

"All doctors are trained to diagnose and provide emergency treatment to severely injured patients and prepare patients for airlifts to provide the best healthcare to both U.N. peacekeepers and local people, said Colonel Nguyen Nhu Canh," Deputy Director of the Viet Nam Department of Peacekeeping Operations.

The new personnel will take over mission from colleagues right upon reaching South Sudan

Preparations for the third group, with 70 personnel, are underway, according to Colonel Hoang Kim Phung, Director of Vietnam Department of Peacekeeping Operations, said.

The first batch of Vietnamese medical staff will return to Vietnam in two groups on November 21st and November 28th. 

Last month, Vietnamese field hospital in South Sudan won praise for successfully treating 1,800 patients, including severe cases of intestinal caseation and malignant malaliar.

Set up a year ago, the hospital has also helped airlift patients requiring more intensive treatment to higher level hospitals.

In addition, the hospital's staff has conducted training programs for local medical units in collaboration with U.N. personnel.

Vietnam began joining in UN peacekeeping operations in 2014. In its initial years, the country sent staff and liaison officers and observers to several African nations, including South Sudan and the Central African Republic.

The first real milestone in its participation in UN peacekeeping operations was the dispatch of the level-2 field hospital no. 1 to Bentiu, South Sudan, on October 1st, 2018.

More pictures from the departure ceremony with the presence of Australian Ambassador to Vietnam Robyn Mudie: