Entitled Calligraphy of Nguyen Dynasty’s Kings, the exhibition also offers translations and explanations in Vietnamese and English.

“The spring comes bringing good fortune, I am happy to see reports of favourable weather. Clasping my hands, I pray for a bumper crop across the whole country,” King Minh Menh (1791-1841) noted in a report in 1826.

It’s one of 100 notes signed by the 10 kings of the Nguyen Dynasty, providing viewers a better understanding of literary and calligraphic styles back then, and the thoughts and opinions of the kings about specific issues such as appointing mandarins, using the national budget, organising exams and punishing criminals.

They were selected from 85,000 documents including laws, decrees, edicts and instructions for resolving problems in various fields such as politics, military affairs, foreign affairs, economics, society and culture, all listed in the Asian-Pacific Region’s Memory of the World Programme in 2014.

Following are photos about the exhibition:

Photo source: zing.vn
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