An officer of Cam Pha Center for Public Administration guiding administrative procedures solving for local people

Aiming to create positive change and spread the thought, affection and responsibility in work of each individual, community and locality in studying and following Uncle Ho’s teachings, Mr. Pham Van Hai, Deputy head of Cam Pha city Party Committee’s Commission for Popularization and Education, said that his organ implemented the Directive in association with its major movements and duties.

For example, the Cam Pha Center for Public Administration, with the characteristics of frequently contacting and handling administrative procedures for people and businesses, thoroughly grasped and instructed officials and civil servants to seriously follow the content.

The “Smiles of officers, civil servants and officials of Cam Pha” movement raises the awareness of discipline on working hours and behavior.

Apart from the “self-correcting” and “promoting tradition, devoting talent to deserve to be soldiers of Uncle Ho” campaigns, the Cam Pha Military Command has also developed ethical standards for each soldier to set up a training program and self-improve to accomplish assigned tasks.

The studying and following of Uncle Ho have become the driving force for the party committees and authorities to lead and well perform political tasks and socio-economic development of the locality.

So far, agencies, units, communes and precincts have actively implemented discipline in the unit; built the administration for people with cadres, civil servants and labrers who have discipline, culture and civilization; meeting the requirements of renewal./.