A festival of the Tay ethnic minority group in Tien Yen distirct

Under the theme “Tien Yen - Connecting colors of ethnic minority groups in Quang Ninh’s northeastern region”, the event drew the participation of 14 localities inside the province and others.

Diverse activities such as traditional music performances, traditional costume shows, photo and painting exhibition, tourism promotion in Tien Yen district, and inauguration of a pedestrian street in Tien Yen town were held.

There was also a fair on products in the provincial northeastern region and a conference to announce architectural plans and investment promotion in Tien Yen district.

The activity aimed to promote cultural exchanges among ethnic minority groups in the northeastern region, share experience in the preservation and promotion of traditional culture of the nation, and strengthen understanding and solidarity among ethnic groups so they can stand together to build the province to be richer and more civilized./.

Compiled by BTA