Poultry vaccination (Photo for illustration)
To prevent the disease, the department has urged people not to eat poultry which was ill or found dead, as well as any products processed from ill and dead poultry and those of unclear origin; and not to slaughter, transport and trade poultry of unclear origin.

People will also be responsible for reporting any ill and dead poultry to local authorities and veterinary agencies. Anyone exhibiting symptoms like fever, coughing or breathing difficulties should be checked at medical centres.

Avian flu underwent complex development in many parts of the world in 2016, especially during the final months of last year. The World Health Organization (WHO) reported cases of highly pathogenic avian flu A (H5), including flu A (H5N1), and flu A (H5N6) in some countries. Notably, in December 2016, China announced that it had recognized a case of flu A (H9N2) in Guangdong who had earlier had contact with living poultry./.

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