So said MoH Deputy Minister Nguyen Truong Son during his working trip to the National Hospital for Tropical Disease in Hanoi.

During the trip, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Luong Ngoc Khue, Head of the Department of Medical Examination and Treatment Management, said as the National Hospital for Tropical Disease is treating serious cases, it needs to review its operating procedures and equipment, and report the situation to the MoH to seek solutions if necessary.

MoH delegation led by Deputy Minister Nguyen Truong Son works with the National Hospital for Tropical Diseases. (Photo: VOV)

“Top priorities will be given to the hospital and we will deliver the best equipment and human resources to the hospital for treating the patients,” he said.

Deputy Minister Son highly valued efforts by all the staff of the hospital, asking them to obey all protection procedures for preventing cross infection, after a doctor at the emergency department contracted the disease.

“The hospital should review the work of preventing virus infection, check on isolated areas and the use of protective equipment and materials, in order to avoid possible bad consequences,” he added.

According to the MoH Deputy Minister, the hospital should allocate accommodations for health workers, and develop its own plans for treatment of the possible increased number of patients.

He also told the hospital to better care for its staff’s spiritual life so that they won’t be overloaded.

The hospital is treating 46 Covid-19 patients, including 34 Vietnamese and 12 foreigners.

In the first phase, the hospital mainly cared for young patients. Now, patients have increased and they belong to various age groups, including old patients with other illnesses like hypertension, immunodeficiency and diabetes.

Notably, its intensive care department is treating three serious cases which include a 64-year-old Vietnamese woman, a 50-year-old Vietnamese man and a 69-year-old British man./.

Compiled by BTA