Cultural, welfare and spiritual constructions such as school, pagoda, medical station, playing grounds, Uncle Ho commemorative house and martyrs’ memorial site have been invested more and more to serve residents and visitors to the island.

Children have better conditions to boost their physical and spiritual development, contributing to strengthening connection with the nation’s sea and islands.

A solemn salute on Spratly island

Children study at the Spratly town primary school.

Singing with children on Spratly Island

Play time for the island’s children

A public place for islanders’ and children’s recreation demand

Soldiers care for children like their own relatives.

Residents provided free healthcare at the Spratly town medical centre

Spratly Pagoda serves many islanders and visitors.

More planted trees create shade and reduce the impact of storms on the island.

A helicopter about to take off on Spratly island.
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