Photo for illustration (Source: QTV)
Accordingly, the provincial Department of Labor, War-Invalid and Social Affairs is responsible for inspecting localities for application of the Party guidelines and State policies on child protection, especially the prevention of risk of harm to children; working with relevant departments, localities and socio-economic organizations to receive and deal with information on denouncing violent behavior and abuse of children; and giving proposals on solutions to increase the efficiency of prevention of child violence and abuse.

The provincial Department of Education and Training was requested to instruct educational foundations and schools to practice child protection activities; ensure a safe, healthy and friendly educational environment; prevent child violence and abuse; increase education about gender knowledge and skills on how to prevent child violence and abuse for teachers and pupils.

Meanwhile, the provincial Public Security was asked to increase the efficiency of prevention, detection and dealing with child abuse behaviour; fully address child violence and abuse cases; instruct lower level public security forces on measures against child violence and abuse; and give training on investigation and treatment of child abuse crime to public security forces./.

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