Tourists at President Ho Chi Minh’s father’s hometown (Photo: VNA)

Preliminary statistics from the Kim Lien relic management board showed that on April 30th and May 1st alone, over 200 delegations with some 7,000 visitors came to Uncle Ho’s hometown, including the great President’s father’s hometown in Sen village and mother’s hometown in Hoang Tru village. Visitors were also taken to Dong Tranh Mountain, offering flowers and incense to commemorate Ms Hoang Thi Loan, Uncle Ho’s mother.

During the trips, visitors received health check-ups and were instructed to wash hands and stand with at least 1-meter distance from each other for preventing COVID-19.

According to Nguyen Bao Tuan, Director of the relic, the relic re-opened on April 28th after being disinfected.

To welcome visitors, the relic worked closely with authorities and public security forces to ensure security and protect visitors’ lives and property./.
Compiled by BTA