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At least six dead after tourist boat sinks in Colombia
A boat carrying around 170 tourists has sunk in a reservoir in northwestern Colombia, leaving at least six dead and 28 missing.
Montenegro becomes 29th NATO member
17:04 06/06/2017
Montenegro has become the 29th member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO).
Eiffel Tower goes dark to honour London terror attack victims
06:20 06/06/2017
On June 4th, Paris’ Eiffel Tower lights were turned off to honour the victims of the London terror attack on Saturday (June 3rd).
Rex Tillerson and James Mattis visit Australia
16:53 05/06/2017
On June 5th, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and and Secretary of Defense James Mattis landed in Sydney for meetings with their Australian counterparts.
Japan Times hails visit by Vietnamese PM
16:16 05/06/2017
The Japan Times has covered the Japan visit by Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc from June 6th-8th, saying that it will be the largest Vietnamese delegation to the country comprising Ministers, Deputy Ministers, lawmakers, municipal and provincial leaders and more than 100 business people.
Cambodia wraps up campaign for communal elections
17:08 03/06/2017
The campaign for the communal elections in Cambodia finished on June 2nd, two days ahead of the June 4th elections.
Bolivia assumes UN Security Council presidency for June
17:33 02/06/2017
Bolivia has taken up the presidency of the UN Security Council, replacing Uruguay.
Slovak Foreign Minister elected as UN General Assembly President
17:32 02/06/2017
The UN General Assembly has elected Slovak Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajcak to be its next President.
Data gaps on children in residential care leave the most vulnerable unaccounted for - UNICEF
10:41 02/06/2017
(CPV) - At least 2.7 million children live in residential care worldwide, according to a new estimate by UNICEF. Yet the figures, published in Child Abuse & Neglect on June 1st 2017, are likely to be just the tip of the iceberg, with wide gaps in data collection and accurate records found in the majority of countries.
Singapore tightens security ahead of Shangri-La dialogue
09:56 02/06/2017
Singapore has tightened security across all streets leading to Shangri-La Hotel Singapore, where the 16th Shangri-La Dialogue will take place from June 2nd to 4th.