Indonesia’s Mount Ruang continues to emit ash

Saturday, 20/04/2024 10:30
After a series of eruptions earlier this week that forced thousands to evacuate, Mount Ruang in North Sulawesi, Indonesia, continued to emit ash on April 19 afternoon.
Mount Ruang emits ash (Photo: AFP)

Earlier on April 16, the Indonesia Centre for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation (PVMBG) raised the alert level for Mount Ruang to Level IV, which is the highest danger warning level.

The centre issued several recommendations for the community and tourists to remain vigilant and avoid entering the area within a 6 km radius from the hub of the active crater of Mount Ruang. It also warned about the potential occurrence of lava flows, pyroclastic flows, rising water levels and tsunamis.

The most recent major eruption of Mount Ruang occurred in 2002, during which residents also had to evacuate.

Mount Ruang, about 100km from Manado, is 725m above sea level.

Indonesia sits on the Pacific Ring of Fire, where the meeting of continental plates causes high volcanic and seismic activity. It is one of the countries with the most numbers of active volcanoes./.

CPV (Source: VNA)