Art performance supports Spartly Islands

Sunday, 16/01/2022 10:05
(CPV) – On January 15, the Party Central Committee Commission on Popularization and Education directed the Communist Party of Vietnam Online Newspaper in collaboration with the Navy High Command and relevant agencies to organize a special art performance to support the Spratly Islands.

Bringing Tet to Spratly Islands

At the art performance (Photo: CPV)

Accordingly, “Spratly Island Spring”, held for the 10th time this year, aimed to honour and pay tribute to the great contributions of officers and soldiers of the Vietnam People's Navy in the cause of protecting the sovereignty of the sea, islands, and the sacred continental shelf of the nation. It is also a message to educate the young generation about the sacrifices and contributions of the country’ army and people in preserving and protecting the sovereignty of the sea and islands.

Since its first organization in 2013, the program has received the deep attention of the Party and State leaders as well as the practical support of organizations, individuals and the whole society. Through the program, the Communist Party of Vietnam Online Newspaper has mobilized organizations and businesses to donate billions of VND to present boats, nearly one hundred houses, and thousands of savings books and many valuable gifts to the navy forces.

Together with gratitude payment activities, the art performance of the 10th program highlighted songs on sea, islands and the country./.

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