Promoting Vietnamese cinema to the world

Friday, 17/05/2024 08:45
(CPV) - Promoting cinema to the world is a challenge that any cinema industry sets goals and strategies to achieve, aiming to establish the name of national and ethnic cinema on the world cinema map; promote culture; and build the film industry of each country. The Party and State of Vietnam are very interested in promoting the image of the country and people in the eyes of international friends through the film industry.

Promoting  the country and people of Vietnam to the world

According to the "Strategy for developing cultural industries to 2020, vision to 2030" approved by the Prime Minister along with Decision 1755/QD-TTg dated September 8, 2016, the cinema industry is identified as a key industry and a long-term task.

According to statistics from the Department of Cinema under Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, in about 10 years, from 2013 to the end of June 2023, 256 film production projects have been conducted with foreign elements, including film production cooperation between Vietnam and foreign countries, foreign films with scenes in Vietnam and that Vietnam provides production services.

In the last 5 years, a number of high-grossing films in Vietnam have been proactively released abroad by film production businesses and have had quite impressive results. Some films have achieved large revenues in Vietnam when released abroad (USA, China, Australia) such as: The Godfather, Hai Phuong, Face Off.    

Many Vietnamese cinematographic works have conquered audiences, including foreign audiences, with their unique characteristics bearing the "soul" of the nation. (Photo source: 

Solutions to develop international markets for Vietnamese cinema

The Department of Cinema said some solutions to promote Vietnamese cinema to the world are also effective measures to promote the image of the country and people of Vietnam, such as building booths on Vietnam at famous international film festivals to introduce Vietnamese cinema in an official and methodical way, providing information about Vietnamese cinema, filmmaking contexts, filmmaking conditions, preferential policies in film production cooperation, providing film production services for foreign filmmakers to know and promote cooperation.

Participating in many prestigious international film festivals and film events is a way to create many opportunities to introduce, produce or cooperate in film production, expand exchanges, cooperate in production and provide film making services to foreign countries; Participating in film markets to organize the introduction, purchase and sale of films, technical equipment of the film industry, create opportunities for cooperation and signing of film activities.

According to the Department of Cinema, it is necessary to build a database of the Vietnamese film industry, with content including industry information, film development policies, and film activities, such as film production, distributing and disseminating films, promoting and promoting cinema development, providing filmmaking services, human resources, cinema equipment and relevant data, such as scenic spots that can be chosen as filming locations.    

Along with the above tasks, a very important and practical task is that the advisory agencies, relevant ministries and agencies need to coordinate closely and actively to carry out the task of legislating policies and effectively realize the Party and State's regulations, creating favorable conditions for practical application and building the Vietnamese film industry./.