Thai ethnic cultural space at Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism

Monday, 30/08/2021 17:31
(CPV) - The Thai ethnic village at Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism in Hanoi is a place fully recreating the scene of a traditional village of the Thai ethnic people. With houses on stilts, cuisine and customs, Thai people in the provinces and cities come to the village to live and work.

 This contributes to creating a lively cultural space between the "common house" of 54 ethnic groups.

The Thai ethnic village has an area of 0.46 ha, of which the construction area is 437.84m2.

Two houses on stilts of Thai ethnic village have a total area of 412.38m2, including one of the white Thai ethnic group and one of the black Thai ethnic group.

Under the roof of the house on stilts, visitors have an opportunity to learn the traditional unique features of the Thai ethnic culture.

In recent years, Thai ethnic people from many regions in Vietnam often come here to introduce traditional cultural activities such as festivals, customs, cuisine, traditional crafts and folk games to help visitors understand more about the longstanding culture of the Thai people.

A ritual during a festival of white Thai ethnic people in Son La province

The Thai ethnic group and Muong ethnic group are the two ethnic groups that have participated in the first regular activities at the Village since the end of 2015.

Introducing folk games at the Thai ethnic village

In their life and beliefs, Thai people have preserved many festivals with the participation of the community.

The Thai people develop many handicrafts to serve the family's consumption needs and exchange goods with other ethnic groups.

Self-made products of Thai people have high aesthetic, cultural and practical value, demonstrating the talents and ingenuity of Thai women.

Ethnic groups enjoyed cultural activities on the roof of the Thai ethnic group's house on stilts in the Village.

The Thai ethnic cultural space is contributing to preserving and promoting the Thai national identity, showing the unified Vietnamese culture in diversity, and spreading the traditional cultural values of the community of 54 ethnic groups at the Village

(Photos by The Duong/ Photos taken before April 27, 2021)