Asian travel website DestinAsian reveals Phu Quoc among 10 best islands in Asia

Friday, 15/03/2024 21:15
According to VOV, Asian travel website DestinAsian has revealed a list of the 10 best islands to visit across Asia, with the Vietnamese island of Phu Quoc ranking sixth on the list.
Phu Quoc is among 10 best islands in Asia. (Photo courtesy of DestinAsian) 

Now home to one of the most imaginative new five-star resorts in the region, Phu Quoc seems to be one step closer to emerging as the nation’s premier beach destination, the travel website wrote.

However, for the time being its mellow charms continue to endure, as does a local spirit as distinct as the island’s famous fish sauce, the article reported.

According to DestinAsian, Phu Quoc is a renowned source of two staples of local cuisine, including nuoc mam (fish sauce) and black pepper. It’s also known for its seafood, pearls, and a delicate pink wine which is made from the fruit of the rose myrtle tree.

Topping the list is Bali of Indonesia, followed by the Maldives, Phuket of Thailand, Koh Samui of Thailand, and Boracay of the Philippines.

The other destinations to make the top 10 are Phu Quoc of Vietnam, Langkawi and Penang of Malaysia, Palawan of the Philippines, and Lombok of Indonesia.

Vietnam’s destinations, e-visa policy promoted in Hong Kong

A workshop promoting Vietnam’s tourist destinations and e-visa policy took place in Hong Kong (China) on March 14, reported VNA.

At the workshop promoting Vietnam’s tourist destinations and e-visa policy which takes place in Hong Kong (China) on March 14. (Photo: VNA) 

Co-organised by the Vietnam Airlines branch in the region and the Society of IATA Passenger Agents Ltd (SIPA), the event gathered representatives of the Vietnamese Consulate General in Hong Kong and Macau and CEOs and senior managers of many local travel companies.

In his opening remarks, the head of the Vietnam Airlines branch, Ngo Tri Hung, said Hong Kong residents consider Vietnam an attractive place for its scenic spots, friendly people, diverse culture, exquisite cuisine, and near distance of just several hours' flight. Vietnam Airlines is operating 11 weekly flights between Hong Kong and Hanoi/Ho Chi Minh City.

The workshop introduced the latest top Vietnamese destinations as voted by TripAdvisor like Ha Long Bay, the Sapa resort town and the ancient citadel of Hue.

In particular, Consul Nguyen Minh Tuan from the Consulate General informed the participants about the advantages and convenience of the e-visas, such as simple procedures that save time.

SIPA Chairman Tommy Tam told the Vietnam News Agency that Hong Kong residents are fond of traveling to Vietnam. He expressed his hope to see Vietnamese tourism businesses bringing their products to the upcoming International Travel Expo (ITE) Hong Kong scheduled for June.

UK journalist dazzled by beauty of Ba Na Hills in Da Nang

According to VNA, the sensational beauty of Sun World Ba Na Hills resort in the central beach city of Da Nang, one of Vietnam’s most famous tourism destinations, has wowed many visitors both home and abroad, including Jack Mortimer, a journalist of the UK’s Express newspaper.

A European-styled village on the peak of Ba Na Hills. (Photo: Sun Group) 

In his article published on March 3 on the Express website, Mortimer said when thinking about the things tourists typically see on a trip to Vietnam, it is easy to imagine  attractions such as the stunning limestone islands of Ha Long Bay or the millions of motorbikes whizzing around the palace-like Ho Chi Minh City Hall, but many people can’t imagine, there is a tourist resort styled to look like a French village. That is exactly what Ba Na Hills is.

Sun World Ba Na Hills (Photo: Sun Group) 

He shared that located around a 45-minute drive from the city of Da Nang, Ba Na Hills is a resort that aims to recreate the feel of a trip to France.

The journalist was impressed by the Golden Bridge, a 150 metre long platform seemingly held up by two massive hands, made from fibreglass designed to look like stone. First opened in 2018, the bridge attracts many tourists from all over the world, so be sure to make plenty of time to walk over it to get the best views.

Golden Bridge, a 150 metre long platform seemingly held up by two massive hands, made from fibreglass designed to look like stone. First opened in 2018, the bridge attracts many tourists from all over the world. (Photo: Le Viet Khanh) 

However, he was thrilled by a European-styled village on the peak of Ba Na Hills. He related that the main part of the 'village' is a market square featuring a large fountain and busts of well-known French figures, again made from fibreglass.

The whole village is not exactly what it seems, feeling at times more like he was on a Paramount set, rather than Pays de la Loire, France. However, everything visitors can imagine to find in a French village is present. A Catholic church complete with confessions booth, a string of quaint restaurants offering wine stored in a cellar deep in the mountain, even a number of vintage French cars that have been covered in bouquets of flowers.

The author commented that the site can get incredibly crowded, however it is a day that few are likely to forget, and, with an entrance fee of 850,000VND (27 GBP) for adults and 700,000VND (22 GBP), is incredible value for money.

This is not the first time Sun World Ba Na Hills has been honoured by international media. Recently, the Hong Kong (China)'s Sassy magazine has suggested experiences that visitors cannot miss when coming to Da Nang, the most prominent of which is to take the cable car to Ba Na peak to see the Golden Bridge.

Coming into operation in 2009, up to now, Sun World Ba Na Hills has always maintained the image of an iconic tourist area not only of Da Nang. Especially with the launch of the Golden Bridge five years ago, Sun World Ba Na Hills has contributed to bringing Da Nang tourism in particular, Vietnam in general to the world, affirming its position on the world's tourism map.

The year 2023 marked the fourth consecutive time Sun World Ba Na Hills Resort has been awarded the title of "Asia's Leading Theme Park 2023" by the World Travel Awards at the 30th WTA World Travel Awards in Asia and Oceania./.

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