CNN lists Vietnam’s Pho bo among 20 of the world’s best soups

Friday, 12/01/2024 17:15
CNN Travel has freshly listed Pho bo (beef noodle soup) of Vietnam among its nominations for 20 of the best soups around the world, reported Vietnam News Agency.
A bowl of Pho bo (beef noodle soup) (Photo: VNA)

About the Vietnamese culinary delight, the top-20 list article published on the news site on January 8 quoted Andrea Nguyen, author of “The Pho Cookbook”, as saying Pho is among Vietnam’s most recognised culinary exports.

And while today’s Pho restaurants serve a wide range of flavors, beef is the original. By 1930, Nguyen explained, the soup was served with slices of raw beef cooked gently in the broth.

According to the article, the broth is simmered for hours with cinnamon, star anise, and other warm spices to create a wonderfully aromatic base for this rice noodle soup. Today, beef pho remains the most beloved version in Vietnam, with options that include the original raw beef, a mix of raw and cooked beef, brisket, and tendon.

Other dishes in the list include Banga of Nigeria, Borscht of Ukraine, Bouillabaisse of France, Caldo verde of Portugal, and Chorba frik of Algeria, Libya, and Tunisia.

Exports of processed fruits and vegetables continue to exceed 1 billion USD

Vietnam’s processed fruits and vegetables continue to be among export items worth more than 1 billion USD in 2023 after steadily growing in recent years.

Exports of processed fruits and vegetables continue to exceed 1 billion USD

According to figures of the Ministry of Industry and Trade’s Department of Export-Import, by the end of 2023, Vietnam’s processed fruit and vegetable exports reached 996.5 million USD, a year-on-year rise of 18%. Mr. Dang Phuc Nguyen, Secretary General of the Vietnam Fruit and Vegetables Association, forecast the country’s processed fruit and vegetable exports will hit more than 1.2 billion USD in 2023.

In 2022, processed fruit and vegetable exports also reached 1.014 billion USD for the first time, accounting for 29.47%. Thus, 2023 will be the second year the export value of this product exceeds 1 billion USD.

In recent years, processed fruit and vegetable products have always achieved high growth rates.

According to data from the General Department of Customs, Vietnam's processed fruit and vegetable exports in the 2016-2020 period grew steadily, and recorded a sharp increase in 2020 when the COVID-19 epidemic broke out with an average of 19.5% a year, from 400 million USD in 2016 to 798 million USD in 2020.

Vietnam’s export market for products from vegetables, fruits, nuts or other parts of plants is 162 countries and territories. In particular, Vietnam focuses on exporting these products to major markets such as China, the US, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Russia, and Australia.

The Department of Import-Export said that in recent years, processed fruit and vegetable products have always achieved high growth rates, even in the context of the strong outbreak of COVID-19.

Vietnam currently has 150 fruit and vegetable processing factories with processing capacity of nearly 1.1 million tons a year. However, these factories can only process about 8-10% of fruit and vegetable output each year. In addition, 3.4 million tons of fruits and vegetables are processed by 7,500 micro-scale and household fruit processing and preservation establishments, so it is difficult for these products to meet the quality for export.

Vietnam is Asia’s safest destination for 2024

The US travel website Travel Off Path has praised Vietnam as the safest country to visit in Asia in 2024, according the Vietnam National Authority of Tourism.

Travel Off Path said that safety is the top concern of Americans when traveling abroad, especially in the context of complex developments in the world. However, Vietnam is a special country which has proven to be stable and safe for tourists.

According to data from the Gallup's Law and Order Index, a leading platform for global consulting and analytical services, Vietnam not only has the highest ranking in Asia with a score of 92 out of 100, but is also in the top 7 in the world.

Northwest, a destination especially loved by Western tourists. (Photo: Travel Off Path)

2024 is considered the year when Asian tourism will recover. Western tourists will return to this friendly continent and regional destinations are expected to regain pre-pandemic growth rates.

This travel website affirms: “All eyes are on Vietnam - the precious gem of Southeast Asia, which has gone through a long history and is proud of its beautiful natural landscapes and diverse and attractive culture.

Vietnam is an ideal destination for those who like to travel slowly and love connecting with nature and coming into contact with a completely new culture. When traveling to Vietnam from the North to the South or vice versa, Travel Off Path recommends that visitors spend time walking on the charming streets of Hoi An - a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site.

Besides, it is impossible to ignore Hue - an attractive destination in the Central region, where the famous Hue Citadel marks the glorious historical period of Vietnam. The beautiful beaches in Da Nang and the Son Tra Mountain Nature Reserve, or the white sand dunes, golden sand dunes, and coastal fishing villages in Mui Ne are all attractive spots.

India, US are two main export markets of Vietnamese cinnamon

In 2023, India and the US are the two main export markets of Vietnamese cinnamon, of which India accounts for 42.6% and the United States accounts for 11.4%.

India, US are two main export markets of Vietnamese cinnamon

According to the Vietnam Pepper and Spice Association, in December 2023, Vietnam exported 7,443 tons of cinnamon, valued at 20.9 million USD. The volume increased by 3.4% compared to from the previous month. India and the US continue to be the two main export markets of Vietnamese cinnamon with 2,363 tons and 1,113 tons, respectively. Prosi Thang Long and Olam Vietnam are the two largest export enterprises this month, with 998 tons and 581 tons, respectively.

In 2023, Vietnam exported 89,383 tons of cinnamon, worth 260.9 million USD, an increase of 14.6% in volume and a decrease of 10.7% in value compared to the previous year.

The average export price of cinnamon in 2023 reached 2,918 USD a ton, down 22.1% against 2022.

India is the main export market of Vietnamese cinnamon, with 38,038 tons, accounting for 42.6% of the total, an increase of 14% over the previous year. It was followed by the US market with 10,163 tons, accounting for 11.4; Bangladesh with 5,564 tons, accounting for 6.2%.

The leading cinnamon exporting enterprises in the Vietnam Pepper and Spice Association include: Prosi Thang Long with 13,839 tons, accounting for 15.5%; Senspices Vietnam with 5,131 tons (5.7%), Son Ha spices with 4,677 tons, (5.2%); Olam Vietnam with 3,445 tons (3.9%) and Tuan Minh with 3,115 tons (3.5%).

Experiencing Vietnamese Tet in Duong Lam ancient village

A tourism promotion program themed “Vietnamese Tet” will be held in Duong Lam ancient village, Son Tay Town, on January 20-21 to promote the value of traditional Tet.

The “Vietnamese Tet” program in Duong Lam ancient village become a brand to attract tourists and local people. (Photo:

This is the third year the program has been held with the participation of ambassadors, international guests from a number of diplomatic agencies, international organizations and both international and domestic tourists. The program not only contributes to introducing Vietnamese culture to international friends, but is a way to preserve traditions for future generations.

The Management Board of the Duong Lam Ancient Village Relic said that the program will include many diverse activities, such as: a tour to fully experience the traditional beauty of Vietnamese Tet with a traditional market space, ethnic art performance at Mong Phu communal house yard; check-in at the most unique spots in the village; and space and booths to introduce local specialty products, handicraft products and craft villages.

In addition, the program also has a space to experience traditional Tet culture with activities such as character painting, shaping To he, and traditional folk games.

People and tourists can also learn about traditional customs during the traditional Tet holiday such as: New Year's Eve ceremony, carp release, experiencing and learning about the traditional soy sauce making profession of Mr. Ha Huu The's family; visiting and experiencing the lacquer product workshop and "Village Craft" space of artisan Nguyen Tan Phat, and more.

An indispensable activity is to learn about the unique and famous culinary culture of Duong Lam Ancient Village. The program will introduce Tet cuisine, display Tet feasts of Duong Lam people, and offer experience wrapping Banh Chung and spring rolls on Tet.

Head of the Management Board of the Duong Lam Ancient Village Relic Nguyen Dang Thao said that the program aims to promote activities, introduce local specialties, promote destinations, thereby creating a stimulating effect on tourism in Duong Lam Ancient Village in particular and Son Tay town in general to welcome visitors during Tet and Spring 2024./.