Fishery export grows 6.5% in five months

Thursday, 06/06/2024 15:50
Vietnam shipped an estimated 3.6 billion USD worth of fishery products abroad during January-May, a year-on-year increase of 6.5%, reported Vietnam News Agency according to statistics from the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP).
Fishery export sustains momentum during January-May. (Photo: VNA)

During the span, the export of tuna rose 25% against the same time last year to nearly 397 million USD.

Nguyen Ha, a tuna market specialist, said as inflation-weary consumers tightened their purse strings, demand for cheaper products like canned tuna was high during the period, adding the US, the EU, and Israel were the biggest importers.

Shipment of the products to other Middle Eastern countries like Lebanon and Greece was also saw a strong surge, she added.

Crab export skyrocketed 84% year-on-year to 101 million USD during the period, with China and Japan being the largest buyers.

The export of tra fish garnered nearly 755 million USD, slightly rising 3% while that of shrimp was 1.3 billion USD, up 7%.

According to VASEP Communications Director Le Hang, Vietnam’s export markets have showed signs of recovery, both in demand and prices, with fishery shipment to the US, Japan, the EU, and the Republic of Korea (RoK) posting positive growth from 5% to 26% in May.

As of the end of May, export to the US increased 13% to 635 million USD while that to Japan, the RoK, and the EU witnessed modest expansion of 3-4%, she added.

In the meantime, shipment to China in May fell 8% year-on-year as consumers tightened their purse strings on a stagnant economy, she said, highlighting Vietnamese tra fish has gained foothold in this market as importers shifted to cheaper goods.

First batch of 2024 lychee crop reaches Germany

A total of 3.5 tonnes of fresh Vietnamese lychees recently arrived in Germany, marking the first shipment of this year's crop to reach the European market, reported the Voice of Vietnam.

Fresh Vietnamese lychees have arrived in Germany. (Photo:

The airlifted batch originally came from Phuc Hoa commune in Tan Yen district of Bac Giang province, northern Vietnam.

Nguyen Xuan Viet, director of Vifoco Import-Export Joint Stock Company (Vifoco) in charge of the batch, noted that the firm’s whole process from harvesting the fresh fruits at farms in the nation to packaging and exporting items comes up to international standards.

During this year's lychee crop, Vifoco signed a contract to export 70 tonnes to Germany and 30 tonnes to Thailand.

The company signed a memorandum of co-operation with Phuc Hoa commune People's Committee to maintain production for the next five years in order to meet orders.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, as of June 5, Bac Giang province had harvested around 30,000 tonnes of fresh lychees, including 14,000 tonnes from Tan Yen district. Nearly 13,000 tonnes of lychee were shipped abroad, mainly to the Chinese market with over 12,000 tonnes.

Bac Giang lychees sold well in both the domestic and foreign markets. Upon reaching supermarket shelves in China, the UK, Japan, and Thailand, the fruit attracted significant customer interest, with many people eager to taste and purchase them.

Five Vietnamese universities up in global rankings

Five out of six Vietnamese universities have seen their improvements in the QS World University Rankings 2025(QS WUR 2025) recently released by the British education organisation Quacquarelli Symonds (QS).

VNU- Hanoi ranks in the 851-900 group, up 100 notches from its previous position

Notably, Vietnam National University (VNU) - Hanoi recorded a significant increase, ranking in the 851-900 group, up 100 places from its previous position in the 951-1000 band.

In the category of Employment Outcomes, VNU Hanoi was placed in 202nd position, up 197 notches compared to the previous rankings.

Four other Vietnamese universities that claimed higher positions than last year were Duy Tan University, Ton Duc Thang University, Vietnam National University (VNU) – Ho Chi Minh City, and Hanoi University of Technology.

This year saw Hue University make the list in the 1201-1400 group.

Elsewhere in Southeast Asia, Malaysia leads with 28 ranked universities, followed by Indonesia with 26, Thailand with 13, and the Philippines with five.

The QS World University Rankings 2025 features over 1,500 of the world’s most prestigious universities from 105 countries and territories. It assesses each institution on six metrics, including its reputation among academics and employers, faculty/student ratio, citations per faculty, international faculty ratio, and international student ratio.

The United States was the most represented country or territory on the list with 197 ranked institutions, followed by the UK with 90 and China with 71.

TasteAtlas picks out three local dishes among world’s 100 best rated breakfasts

Three Vietnamese dishes, Bò kho, Bún bò Huế, and Cơm tấm thịt nướng have been listed among the 100 best rated breakfasts in the world, according to information provided by international food website TasteAtlas, reported the Voice of Vietnam.

Bò kho (beef stew) is among world’s 100 best rated breakfasts. (Photo courtesy of TasteAtlas)

In 23rd position, Bò kho (beef stew) can be consumed on its own or alternatively accompanied by a baguette on the side. It can also be served over noodles, whilst it is customary to serve a variety of fresh herbs on the side, said TasteAtlas.

Meanwhile, Bún bò Huế (Hue breakfast noodle soup) ranks 50th on the list. The soup is traditionally consumed for breakfast and consists of pork and beef bones broth, noodles, lemongrass, shrimp paste, lime juice, and a variety of herbs, the website wrote.

Bún bò Huế (Hue breakfast noodle soup) (Illustrative photo)

Elsewhere, Cơm tấm sườn (Broken rice with grilled pork) is placed in 70th position. The classic dish from the southern region consists of grilled pork which is served on top of broken rice. The combination is often topped with a mix of stir-fried onions and pickles, whilst it is typically accompanied by fish sauce for dipping.

The pork is usually marinated in lemongrass, pepper, garlic, and fish sauce before being grilled, according to food website TasteAtlas.

Rounding off the list of TasteAtlas’s 10 best rated breakfasts were many representatives from across the world, namely Kahvaltı of Turkey, Bougatsa of Greece, Roti canai of Malaysia, Chilaquiles of Mexico, Zelnik of North Macedonia, Komplet of Serbia, Beyran çorbası of Turkey, Croissant of France, Jianbing of China, and Pão de queijo of Brazil.

TasteAtlas is an encyclopedia of flavours, a world atlas showcasing traditional dishes, local ingredients, and authentic restaurants. The website has cataloged over 10,000 foods and drinks from across the world, with dozens of thousands yet to be researched and mapped./.

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