Hai Phong’s Cat Bi airport welcomes first flight from China’s Lijiang

Saturday, 15/06/2024 22:36
The first flight with 162 passengers on board departing from Lijang, China’s Yunnan province landed safely at Cat Bi International Airport in the northern port city of Hai Phong on June 15, reported Vietnam News Agency.
Cat Bi International Airports welcomes the first flight from Lijiang, China's Yunnan province on June 15. (Photo: VNA)

According to Vice Chairman of the city People’s Committee Le Khac Nam, the opening of new international flights from and to Cat Bi airport is significant to the local economic, trade and tourism development.

Passengers on the flight (Photo: VNA)

The Hai Phong – Lijiang air route not only contributes to the development of the two localities and enhancement of their mutual understanding but also meets the demand for trade exchange and travel of local residents and Chinese investors.

General Director of Yunnan Tongdian Air Travel, the operator of the route, Hu Chaozhu said the company plans to run three flights on the route on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday every week from June 15 to June 14, 2025, expressing his hope that Hai Phong will give financial support for the opening of this new air route in line with regulations, and bolster connectivity among enterprises to develop tourism between the two localities.

Aquatic products from RoK’s South Chungcheong to be exported to HCM City for first time

Aquatic products of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Republic of Korea (RoK)’s South Chungcheong province will be sold in Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City and China’s Taiwan for the first time in the coming time, reported Vietnam News Agency.

Dried seaweed - Illustrative image (Photo: kedglobal.com)

This is part of export contracts worth 5.5 million USD signed by South Chungcheong’s SMEs at consulting conferences on exports to Taiwan’s Taipei and Ho Chi Minh City, held in the two localities in early June.

At the events, six enterprises in the marine and fisheries sector engaged in export consulting activities focusing on their outstanding products such as anchovy snacks, shrimp sauce, seaweed sticks, dried seaweed, seasoned seaweed and cosmetics. Finally, they signed 12 export contracts worth a total of 5.5 million USD.

A leading official of South Chungcheong said that the province has supported businesses in finding partners and developing markets, and provided export consultation for SMEs wishing to expand operations abroad.

Outstanding blood donors in 2024 commended

The National Steering Committee for Voluntary Blood Donation held a ceremony in Hanoi on June 15 to honour 100 outstanding blood donors in 2024, reported Vietnam News Agency.

Outstanding blood donors receive certificates of merit (Photo: VNA)

This is the 16th year this event has been held since the Prime Minister decided to establish the committee in 2008. To date, 1,600 donors have been honoured at the national level.

The 100 delegates honoured this year have donated a total of 4,470 units of blood. Prominent among them, two have donated blood more than 100 times.

Speaking at the ceremony, Minister of Health Dao Hong Lan, head of the steering committee, said that the 30-year journey of the blood donation movement is full of love among the people, with many lives saved thanks to the donation.

She expressed her hope that the honourees will continue to inspire and spread the spirit of sharing and love among the community to have more and more voluntary blood donors and to save more lives.

Last year, over 1.55 million blood units were collected, 99% of which came from volunteer donors, who accounted for more than 1.5% of the population.

Since the beginning of this year, the country has received nearly 800,000 units through various campaigns and events, helping basically ensure blood needs for emergency work and patient treatment.

Farm exports see solid upswing through border gates in Lang Son

The turnover of exported goods going through the northern mountainous province of Lang Son's border gates is increasing sharply, with the majority being fresh fruit, reported the Voice of Vietnam according to information from the Lang Son provincial Customs Department.

The turnover of exported goods going through the northern mountainous province of Lang Son's border gates is increasing sharply, with the majority being fresh fruit

As a means of creating the best possible conditions for the export of agricultural products, the Lang Son provincial Customs Department has directed customs branches at border gates to include 11 types of fruits allowed to be exported to the Chinese market as "green channel" goods. It is hoped that this will serve as a way of helping to shorten customs clearance time and process declarations of businesses on the 24/24 digital border gate platform.

Nong Quang Hung, deputy head of Tan Thanh Customs Branch, affirmed that the unit always prioritises procedures for fresh fruit shipments to clear customs first as a way of avoiding damage in hot weather conditions.

Currently, the number of vehicles carrying export and import goods through customs gates in Lang Son province averages over 1,000 vehicles per day, of which about 300 vehicles transport fresh fruit.

According to statistics, since the beginning of the year the total output of fresh fruit exported through border gates in the province has reached about 1.2 million tonnes, marking an increase of nearly one and a half times compared to the same period from last year.

Lieutenant Colonel Doan Duy Tien, head of Huu Nghi International Border Gate, said, "The unit has regularly and proactively coordinated with functional forces at the border gate area to regulate the flow of vehicles entering and exiting the border gate to ensure security and order , while seriously and effectively implementing the digital border gate platform, thus creating favourable conditions for import and export activities through the border gate area."

To fully meet the goal of promoting cross border trade through the two international border gates, one bilateral border gate, and nine secondary border gates, Lang Son province has developed and carried out many solutions aimed at improving customs clearance capacity and building a model border gate.

The locality has directed functional forces at the border gate to proactively grasp the situation and regulate goods clearance activities with the aim of bringing import-export turnover through the province's border gates this year up to between US$55 billion and US$60 billion. Lang Son is therefore striving to serve as an important exchange hub in economic and trade development with Guangxi of China./.

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