Ministry seeks to promote export of Halal products to Indonesia

Saturday, 04/11/2023 17:15
A webinar was held by the Export Support Centre under the Ministry of Industry and Trade’s Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency on November 3 to seek ways promoting the export of farm produce, processed and Halal food to Indonesia, according to Vietnam News Agency.
 At a display of Halal products (Photo: VNA)

Vietnamese Trade Counsellor in Indonesia Pham The Cuong said there remains room for Vietnam to export goods to Indonesia which is a more accessible market compared to the US, the European Union, and Japan. More than 87% of the country's population are also Muslims.

He advised the Vietnamese firms to proactively seek Halal certificates from Indonesia, obtain Indonesian National Standard (SNI) standard, join the Indonesian e-commerce market, and leverage the channels of overseas Vietnamese and Vietnamese businesses operating in Indonesia.

Le Chau Hai Vu, Director of Consultech JSC, said at present, Vietnam has only about 20 kinds of products exported to the Halal market, which is a very modest number considering the demand. As much as 40% of Vietnamese localities have not exported any products to this market. Therefore, the potential remains huge.

To successfully navigate Indonesian Halal market, exporters should apply for Halal certificates, create products that meet Halal standards for the target market, enhance marketing and trade connections, he said.

Steel industry expected to recover in 2024

 Experts are optimistic about the steel industry’s recovery in 2024. - Illustrative image (Photo: VNA)

Despite sluggish performance driven by a fall in steel prices, experts are optimistic about the steel industry’s recovery in 2024 as the Government's policies and the revised Land Law are put in place to support the realty market and the construction industry, according to Vietnam News Agency.

According to the Vietnam Steel Association (VSA), steel manufacturing output in September totaled nearly 2.34 million tonnes, up 2.41% month-on-month and down 4.2% year-on-year. Steel consumption was nearly 2.2 million tonnes, increasing 4.69% month-on-month, and 9.4% year-on-year.

The results were spurred by the Government's policies to remove bottlenecks and bolster economic growth from January – September, including those accelerating the disbursement of public capital for transport infrastructure development.

With recovery in demand, steel enterprises have recorded sound production results. Consumption of construction steel, hot-rolled coil steel and steel billets of Hoa Phat Group reached 596,000 tonnes in September, rising 7% against the previous month. Meanwhile, Vietnam Steel Corporation sold 268,000 tonnes of steel in September, the highest amount recorded since the outset of this year.

However, the VSA said although public investment and the realty market are heating up, which will boost steel demand for the remainder of the year, it is not until Q1 of 2024 that the steel market will see strong recovery.

Vietnam’s steel industry has been in a downward spiral, with steel prices falling 19 times since the start of 2023. Prices have been hovering around 13.5 million VND (548.56 USD) per tonne, due to gloomy real estate market, slow public investment disbursement, and fierce competition from China.

According to the steel industry's specialist Nguyen Van Sua, a slump in the realty market since the end of 2022 has driven steel demand down, while steel products imported from China at cheaper prices have created pressure on domestic steel prices.

 Illustrative image (Photo: VNA)

In a bid to stabilise steel prices, it is necessary to accelerate the implementation of real estate and public investment projects, Sua said, adding that when the realty market becomes more vibrant, the steel market will heat up.

VNDirect Securities Corporation said that the steel industry will boom in 2024. The adoption of the amended Land Law will help remove financial bottlenecks for house buyers, throwing a charge into the real estate market.

Meanwhile, Director of Mercantile Exchange of Vietnam Pham Quang Anh believed that concerted efforts of the Government to promote the disbursement of public capital will stimulate demand and step up domestic business and production activities.

With robust signs from the realty and construction sectors, the steel market will recover soon, he added.

Vietnamese food among 100 Best Rated dishes with pork

Three Vietnamese dishes have been named among the “100 Best Rated Dishes With Pork”, by Taste Atlas, a website dedicated to discovering fresh ingredients, traditional dishes, and authentic restaurants from around the world, according to VOV News.

Bún bò Huế (Hue breakfast noodle soup) 

The three Vietnamese delicacies are bún bò Huế (Hue breakfast noodle soup), chả giò (Vietnamese fried spring rolls), and cơm tấm (broken rice).

According to Taste Atlas, bún bò Huế is a staple Vietnamese soup that is traditionally consumed for breakfast. The dish consists of pork and beef bones broth, bun noodles, lemongrass, shrimp paste, lime juice, and a variety of herbs.

The soup is far spicier than most Vietnamese soups and its flavour is often described as rich and complex.

“Many believe that bún bò Huế found its way into mainstream society by way of royal order, and it was influenced by the imperial court's cuisine,” it added. 

Taste Atlas revealed that Vietnamese fried spring rolls is called chả giò in the south and nem rán in northern Vietnam.

The main characteristic of these tasty rolls is the pork and shrimp filling which is wrapped in delicate rice paper.

“Frequent additions to the stuffing include vegetables such as carrots, cabbage, or mushrooms, glass noodles, and bean sprouts. The rolls are shortly fried and result in a treat with an appetizing golden color, a thin, crispy, and light outer layer, and a delectable filling,” it described.

 Cơm tấm (Borken Rice)

According to the website, cơm tấm is a traditional Vietnamese dish that is typically sold as a street food.

It consists of broken and imperfect rice grains which are traditionally chucked away after the milling process, although nowadays it's a signature dish of Ho Chi Minh City.

Taste Atlas noted that when served cơm tấm is usually accompanied by numerous toppings such as fried eggs, shredded pork skin, grilled pork chops, or deep-fried fish patties.

“The usual garnishes include lime wedges, chopped spring onions, and mint, while accompaniments served on the side include sliced tomatoes and cucumbers, pickled vegetables, or dipping sauces,” it concluded./.