Three Vietnamese dishes named among 100 Best Rated Dishes With Pork

Sunday, 05/11/2023 21:45
According to VOV, three Vietnamese dishes have been named among the “100 Best Rated Dishes With Pork”, by Taste Atlas, a website dedicated to discovering fresh ingredients, traditional dishes, and authentic restaurants from around the world.
Bún bò Huế (Hue breakfast noodle soup) 

The three Vietnamese delicacies are bún bò Huế (Hue breakfast noodle soup), chả giò (Vietnamese fried spring rolls), and cơm tấm (broken rice).

According to Taste Atlas, bún bò Huế is a staple Vietnamese soup that is traditionally consumed for breakfast. The dish consists of pork and beef bones broth, bun noodles, lemongrass, shrimp paste, lime juice, and a variety of herbs.

The soup is far spicier than most Vietnamese soups and its flavour is often described as rich and complex.

“Many believe that bún bò Huế found its way into mainstream society by way of royal order, and it was influenced by the imperial court's cuisine,” it added.

Nem rán (Vietnamese fried spring rolls) 

Taste Atlas revealed that Vietnamese fried spring rolls is called chả giò in the south and nem rán in northern Vietnam.

The main characteristic of these tasty rolls is the pork and shrimp filling which is wrapped in delicate rice paper.

“Frequent additions to the stuffing include vegetables such as carrots, cabbage, or mushrooms, glass noodles, and bean sprouts. The rolls are shortly fried and result in a treat with an appetizing golden color, a thin, crispy, and light outer layer, and a delectable filling,” it described.

Cơm tấm (Borken Rice) 

According to the website, cơm tấm is a traditional Vietnamese dish that is typically sold as a street food.

It consists of broken and imperfect rice grains which are traditionally chucked away after the milling process, although nowadays it's a signature dish of Ho Chi Minh City.

Taste Atlas noted that when served cơm tấm is usually accompanied by numerous toppings such as fried eggs, shredded pork skin, grilled pork chops, or deep-fried fish patties.

“The usual garnishes include lime wedges, chopped spring onions, and mint, while accompaniments served on the side include sliced tomatoes and cucumbers, pickled vegetables, or dipping sauces,” it concluded.

Ninh Binh taps sports tourism potential

Sports tourism is a new development trend in the tourism sector that brings great benefits to localities, including the northern province of Ninh Binh. Boasting diverse terrain, magnificent landscapes, unique historical and cultural values, Ninh Binh has great potential to develop this type of tourism, reported VNA.

Boasting diverse terrain, magnificent landscapes, unique historical and cultural values, Ninh Binh has great potential to develop this type of tourism. (Photo: VNA)  

The Cuc Phuong National Park is a bright spot in this regard. With a brand-building strategy, the park aims to create innovative and unique products, including sports tourism such as opening a trail running race through the forest to attract more tourists.

Do Hong Hai, Deputy Director of the Centre for Environmental Education and Services at the Cuc Phuong National Park, said covering an area of 22,408ha, Cuc Phuong forest is viewed as a "giant treasure" with a comprehensive value system between nature, history, and culture. It was named one of the leading national parks in Asia by the World Travel Awards for the fourth consecutive years from 2019-2022.

To raise awareness among tourists and the community about nature conservation in general and the protection of wildlife in particular, the park has coordinated with New Race JSC to organise the "Cuc Phuong Jungle Paths" race for the second year.

Sports tourism is a new development trend in the tourism sector that brings great benefits to localities, including the northern province of Ninh Binh. (Photo: VNA) 

After two editions, the event attracted thousands of domestic and international tourists, contributing to the promoting the beauty and attractiveness as well as the natural, historical, cultural values of Cuc Phuong forest, and implementing conservation and sustainable development strategies for Vietnam's first national park.

French athlete Paulina Svoboda said it was the first time she participated in the "Cuc Phuong Jungle Paths". Svoboda said that she was impressed by the pristine beauty of the forest which leaves athletes awestruck during the race, adding that she hopes to return to Cuc Phuong again.

In the past few years, Ninh Binh hosted numerous sports events at the regional and national scales such as the 22nd Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games 22), the International Women Volleyball Championship and the Tien phong Newspaper Marathon.

Pham Duy Phong, Deputy Director of the provincial Department of Tourism, said these sports events have contributed to promoting and developing tourism activities in the locality. He cited the "Cuc Phuong Jungle Paths"" as a typical event. With the participation of 2,500 runners, this year's tournament has helped spread the attractiveness of Ninh Binh's landscapes to domestic and foreign athletes.

Other types of sports activities such as kayaking, golf, cycling, and mountain climbing have also developed in the province.

Breathtaking landscapes, hospitality of local people, and unique cultural values in Ninh Binh are favourable conditions for units and organisations to choose it as an ideal destination for sports events.

Apart from joining in sports events, athletes and their relatives also spend time staying or taking sightseeing tours in Ninh Binh, Phong said, adding that this is a golden chance for its tourism sector to stimulate demand and promote the province's image.

To fully tap the potential of sports tourism, the sector has assigned the Ninh Binh Tourism Association, hotels and destinations to prepare all conditions related to social security, environment, health care, infrastructure and accommodation.

Phong held that in the coming time, it will study, assess and exploit new types of tourism, especially adventurous sport tourism like mountain climbing and mountain biking in the locality./.

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