UK travel magazine Wanderlust suggest Vietnam as mong 20 best places to visit in January

Monday, 17/10/2022 16:26
According to VNA, Vietnam is among the 20 best places to visit in January as suggested by UK travel magazine Wanderlust in a recent article.
A view of Hoi An ancient town, Quang Nam (Photo: screenshot) 

According to the article, Vietnam, at the 8th place in the list, like its neighbour Laos, is a safe bet in January. The weather is similarly pleasant, dry and sunny – with only slight differences between the north and south. Crowds have yet to arrive post-Christmas, so you've got the chance to experience this uber-popular country in relative peace.

“You'll never get bored of Vietnam's varied cities: Hoi An, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Hue, the perfect city for cycling enthusiasts,” the article said.

It said natural beauty is around every corner in Vietnam, too. There's Ha Long Bay and the lesser-known Lan Ha Bay, both accessible from Cat Ba Island, and one of the world's biggest caves, Hang Son Doong.

Terraced rice fields in Sa Pa, Lao Cai (Photo: Screenshot) 

At the top of the Wanderlust’s list is Norway, followed by Malé (the Maldives) and Los Angeles (the US), Slovenia, Barbados, Laos and the Mekong River, Nicaragua, Honduras & El Salvador.

After Vietnam at the 8th place, the magazine suggests going to Hill Country of Sri Lanka, Panama, chick penguin watching in Antarctica, watching macaws inTambopata( Peru), bird watching in the UK, watching Eurasian lynxes in Poland, watching wildebeest in Tanzania, the International Kite Festival in Gujarat (India), Up Helly Aa in Lerwick (Scotland), Kiruna snow festival in Sweden and New Year's Eve in Sydney, Australia.

Austrian enterprises keen to invest in Vietnamese market

Austrian media outlet Kronen Zeitung recently published an article describing the booming Vietnamese economy boasting a strong wave of investment from European firms, including those from Austria.

Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung reports on import and export turnover between the Austrian state of Steiermark and Vietnam. (Photo: VNA) 

According to the article, a delegation consisting of Austrian firms from Steiermark state, led by Barbara Eibinger-Miedl, regional minister for Economics, Tourism, Europe, Science and Research, arrived in Vietnam last weekend to explore the country’s investment opportunities.

Aside from gaining greater insights into export potential, the article outlines that Steiermark’s businesses were seeking ways to strengthen connectivity and introduce their cutting-edge technologies to the emerging Southeast Asian nation.

The article quotes Eibinger-Miedl as saying that there are bright prospects ahead for Austrian businesses looking to invest in the field of energy, environmental technology, design, and construction, as well as green technologies in Vietnam.

Robert Brugger, managing director of the Internationalization Centre Styria, said after two years of the country’s borders being closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is now the perfect time for Steiermark state to expand cooperation with its partners, including Vietnam which is enjoying a spectacular economic recovery.

He cited the projections made by economists, saying the Vietnamese economy is likely to grow by 7% this year and Austrian enterprises are keen to seek investment opportunities in the country moving forward.

The article notes the Vietnamese industrial sector has witnessed robust growth with new factories taking shape mostly in major cities such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City that is expected to open up a wealth of opportunities for Steiermark’s businesses to co-operate in the sphere of infrastructure and environmental solutions.

According to the article, a number of firms from Steiermark in particular, as well as Austria in general, have been doing very well in Vietnam. They include popular names such as Andritz, a globally leading supplier of plants, equipment, and services for hydropower stations, and Voestalpine, the world’s leading technology group which offers high-quality flat-steel products.

Statistics compiled by the Austrian Economic Chambers Office (WKO) revealed that Steiermark's export turnover to Vietnam last year reached EUR28 million, while its import turnover hit EUR147 million.

At a recent conference hosted by the WKO in Vienna, Christina-Maria Schösser, regional manager for Asia of the WKO, said that Vietnam has risen to become one of the fastest growing economies, boasting favourable conditions which attract Austrian investors.

Currently Vietnam is Austria’s third largest import market in Asia. It is also a potential market for investment co-operation projects by Austrian enterprises.

Typhoon Nesat enters East Sea, localities warned to stay alert

Storm Nesat entered the northern area of the East Sea, becoming the sixth of it kind in this year.

Typhoon Nesat enters East Sea (Photo: VNA) 

The storm's eye was located about 950km east-northeast of Hoang Sa (Paracel) at 4pm on October 16.

The strongest wind close to the storm’s eye was 103-117 km per hour, with gusts at level 13, according to the National Centre for Hydro-meteorological Forecasting (NCHMF).

In the next 12 -24 hours, the storm is forecast to move in the west-northwest direction at a speed of 15km per hour, and it may get stronger.

Illustrative image (Photo: VNA) 

Due to Nesat's influence, the East Sea’s north area, including Hoang Sa, will experience heavy rains, and strong winds.

To proactively respond to the storm, minimise damage, and stabilise production, the National Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control’s office has sent a dispatch, requesting coastal localities and relevant ministries and sectors to keep close watch on relevant forecasts and the development of storm to notify captains and owners of vessels working at sea.

Ministries, sectors and localities must monitor and count ships operating in storm-affected areas; regularly maintain contact to ship owners to promptly deal with any circumstances in a timely manner. 

They were also requested to take measures and make appropriate production plans to ensure human and property safety, especially on cages for aquaculture.

Forces and means are required to stay on duty for timely rescue work when required./.