Vietnam’s art of pottery making of Cham people named heritage in need of urgent safeguarding

Wednesday, 30/11/2022 19:15
The art of pottery making of Cham ethnic people was inscribed in the list of intangible cultural heritage in need of urgent safeguarding by UNESCO on November 29.
A pottery tea set made by Cham people (Photo: Vietnam Pictorial) 

The recognition was made at the 17th session of the Inter-governmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage in Rabat, Morocco, according to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, reported by Vietnam News Agency.

Cham pottery products are mainly household utensils, worship objects, and handicrafts such as jars (called “jek”), pots (gok), food trays (cambak), and vases (bilaok).

Foreign delegates congratulate the Vietnamese delegation following the UNESCO announcement. 

Pottery making is considered a demonstration of Cham women’s creativity on the basis of their community’s knowledge.

Notably, instead of using turntables, Cham women move themselves backward around blocks of clay to shape objects. The products are not laid with enamel but dried and baked outdoor in wood and rice straw fires at about 800 degrees Celsius for seven - eight hours.

Clay is sourced from the Hamu Tanu Halan field on the banks of the Quao River in Bau Truc village and the clay pit of Xuan Quang village, about 3km to the northwest of Binh Duc village, the central province of Ninh Thuan.

Photo: The art of pottery making of the Cham people has been honoured by UNESCO as the Intangible Cultural Heritage in Need of Urgent Safeguarding  (Source:

Despite preservation efforts, the pottery making is still at risk of disintegration due to the urbanisation process’s impact on the access to raw materials, the slow adaptation to the market economy, and young people’s lack of interest in the craft.

The pottery making of Cham people is the 15th intangible cultural heritage of Vietnam to be named in UNESCO lists.

VOV stories honoured at ABU awards ceremony in India

According to the Voice of Vienam (VOV), three works by VOV were honoured at the 59th Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) General Assembly in New Delhi, India, on November 29.

Nguyen Thi Uyen of VOV Online has been honoured for her story The Small Alley - winner of the Digital Media category. (Source: 

Among the three works, "Bon Phuc" by Hoang Van An and Tran Huu Hung of VOV1 won the News Reporting category, and “The small alley” by Nguyen Thi Uyen of VOV Online won the Digital Media category,

The remaining work “Overcoming adversity” by Nguyen Sy Hao and reporters of VOV4 clinched the special commendation in the radio perspective award category.

This year, VOV submitted nine works to the ABU competition, including six radio works, two television works and a digital media work. After the preliminary round, six VOV entries were selected for the final round, and three of them won the ABU 2022 Prizes.

Notably, this is the third time VOV has submitted works for the Digital Media category, and this is the first time it has won the award in this category.

Since 2010, VOV has won the ABU Prizes that are the most prestigious programme awards in the Asia-Pacific region that honour the best Radio, Television and New Media contents from ABU member organisations.

Agro-forestry-fishery exports in 11 months outpace last year’s record

Agro-forestry-fishery exports stood at about 49.04 billion USD in the first 11 months of 2022, higher than last year’s record of 48.6 billion USD, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) said.

A tra fishing processing factory of the Navico company (Photo: VNA) 

The 11-month export rose 11.8% year on year while imports increased 6.9% to some 41.22 billion USD, resulting in a surplus of 7.82 billion USD – up 47.8%, reported Vietnam News Agency.

That made up a total trade of 90.26 billion USD, rising 9.5% year on year, statistics show.

Between January and November, key agricultural products brought home more than 20.73 billion USD, up 6.6%; main forestry products 15.59 billion USD, up 8.2%; fishery products 10.14 billion USD, up 27%; and animal farming 361.4 million USD, down 8.4%.

So far, the agricultural sector has seen eight products and groups of products with export value of over 2 billion USD each, namely coffee, rubber, rice, vegetables and fruit, cashew nut, shrimp, tra fish, and wood products.

Asian markets accounted for 44.7% of Vietnam’s total exports, Americas 27.4%, Europe 11.3%, Oceania 1.7%, and Africa 1.7%.

The US remains the biggest buyer of Vietnamese goods, with 12.3 billion USD, making up 25% of total shipments. It is followed by China (9.3 billion USD, 18.9%) and Japan (3.9 billion USD, 7.9%).

The MARD said agro-forestry-fishery imports are estimated at over 41.22 billion USD during 11 months, increasing 6.9% from a year earlier.

That includes more than 25.21 billion USD worth of key farm produce, up 3.9%; 2.5 billion USD of fishery products, up 39.7%; 2.89 billion USD of forestry products, up 4%; and over 3 billion USD of animal products, down 3.2%./.