Vietnamese badminton player wins ticket to Uganda tournament’s semi-finals

Saturday, 24/02/2024 18:45
Le Duc Phat, a Vietnamese badminton player, has won a ticket to the semi-finals of the 2024 Uganda International Challenge held in Kampala, Uganda from February 21-25, said the Vietnam News Agency.
Le Duc Phat has won a ticket to the semi-finals of the 2024 Uganda International Challenge. (Photo: VNA)

Phat defeated his Italian rival Fabio Caponio (world’s seed No.90) 19-21, 21-14 and 21-13 in Round 16, and US player Mark Shelley Alcala (world’s seed No.102) 21-18 and 21-17 in the quarter finals on February 23.

He is scheduled to play against Juwon Opeyori from Nigeria (world’s seed No.123) on February 24.

The 2024 Uganda International Challenge drew the participation of 305 players from 49 countries worldwide. The tournament has a total prize pool of 15,000 USD.

Phat is the only Vietnamese playing at the event. He is striving to earn points to get a berth at the Olympic Paris 2024.

Earlier, he reached the quarter finals at the Iran Fajr International Challenge 2024, and Round 16 at the Azerbaijan International 2024.

EV market forecast to boom this year

Vietnam is experiencing a strong shift towards electric vehicles (EVs). The supportive and preferential policies implemented by the Government, such as the exemption of registration fees and reduction in special consumption tax for EVs, have played a significant role in promoting the adoption of this type of vehicle in the country, according to the Vietnam News Agency.

The number of EVs increased from 138 units in 2019 to over 28,000 EVs and 3,557 hybrid vehicles in September 2023, along with more than 2 million electric motorbikes.

The forecast for the domestic electric vehicle market to make a leap from 2024 is encouraging. With the participation of both domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers, the market is expected to expand further. VinFast, along with other automobile companies operating in the country, is gradually transitioning to electric vehicles and "green" energy-powered vehicles.

VinFast's electric vehicles (Photo: VinFast)

Many foreign car makers have already introduced hybrid car models to the Vietnamese market. Brands like Honda, Kia, Hyundai, BMW and Toyota have brought hybrid options such as the Honda CR-V, Kia Sorento, Hyundai Santa Fe, BMW XM, Toyota Yaris Cross, Corolla Altis and Innova Cross to the market. This diverse range of hybrid models provides consumers with more choice and contributes to the overall growth of the electric vehicle market in Vietnam.

Chinese car manufacturers are also looking to re-enter the Vietnamese market by introducing new electric and hybrid car models. These manufacturers have committed to a long-term development roadmap, including investing in manufacturing and assembly plants in the country through strategic partnerships.

The Vietnamese Government has issued regulations promoting the use of EVs to address declining air quality and promote green economic development. However, challenges such as incomplete awareness of businesses about green energy conversion, lack of charging station infrastructure, and insufficient mechanisms to encourage consumption and use of electric vehicles still exist.

An electric vehicle manufactory of Vinfast (Photo:

According to representatives of the Vietnam Automobile Manufacturers Association (VAMA), the transition to electrified and environmentally friendly vehicles is vital. Price remains a significant factor, with electric cars generally being more expensive due to the high cost of batteries. VAMA suggests that the transition to electric vehicles should be approached in a balanced manner to avoid disrupting the market.

Cam Ranh International Terminal signs deal with Singapore's Changi Airport

Cam Ranh International Terminal (CRTC) Joint Stock Company has signed an agreement with Changi Airports International (CAI) during the ongoing Singapore Airshow 2024 from February 20-25, the Vietnam News Agency reported.

The partnership will bring new services to Cam Ranh International Terminal (Terminal 2), such as automatic check-in services, entry registration through mobile apps, and the use of artificial intelligence in luggage transportation.

Cam Ranh International Airport (Photo: CPV)

Under the deal, CAI will assist in managing the terminal’s non-aeronautical businesses and support the growth of Cam Ranh International Airport’s international route development.

As part of its long-term development plan, Cam Ranh International Airport aims to increase its service capacity from 6.8 million to between eight million and 10 million passengers annually.

Johnathan Hanh Nguyen, chairman of the Board of Directors of CRTC, said the agreement will help connect Cam Ranh International Airport to major airports worldwide and attract international partners.

In the next five years, CRTC will work with CAI to enhance the revenue growth of Terminal 2 and improve the passenger experience. The agreement also allows for an extension of another five years, he added.

Cam Ranh International Terminal, which opened in 2018, is a hub for more than 30 airlines, connecting Nha Trang city with over 100 destinations worldwide.

The airport serves as a gateway to the popular tourist destination of Nha Trang city.

Vietnam to offer long-stay visas to attract visitors from high-end markets

Vietnam will pilot long-term, multiple-entry visas lasting from 12 to 36 months to attract visitors from high-end markets such as Europe, Northeast Asia, North America, India and the Middle East, according to Radio the Voice of Vietnam.

It will expand the list of countries whose citizens can enjoy unilateral visa exemption, and pilot visa exemption for short-term periods from 6 to 12 months for visitors from a number of large, high-spending markets.

These are part of a Prime Minister directive on comprehensive, fast and sustainable tourism development which was promulgated recently.

The PM assigned the Ministry of Public Security in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and relevant agencies to study and propose those preferential policies.

He requested that the Ministry of Public Security examine, propose and apply online exit and entry procedures through the facial recognition system (FaceID) and electronic passport (E-Passport) to create convenience for visitors.

Foreign visitors celebrate the 2024 lunar New Year holiday in Vietnam (Photo:

Also in the directive, the PM assigned the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, relevant ministries and agency, to examine the possibility of establishing overseas tourism promotion offices, and promote the role of Vietnamese cultural centers abroad in popularizing the image of the country, culture, people and tourism of Vietnam.

He also assigned several relevant ministries and agencies to develop tourism by sea, road and rail.

Vietnam currently applies a unilateral visa exemption policy for citizens from 13 countries, namely Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Russia, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Belarus.

Since August 15, 2023, Vietnam has granted three-month tourist visas for citizens from all countries and territories, as opposed to previously 30 days. During their approved duration, foreigners are able to enter and exit the nation multiple times, without having to go through new visa procedures.

Last year, the country welcomed 12.6 million foreign visitors, nearly 3.5 times higher than in 2022. This year, it aims to attract about between 17 and 18 million international visitors, equivalent to the pre-pandemic figure./.

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