Viglacera ranks among top 22 ceramic tile producers worldwide

Monday, 21/11/2022 15:31
The Ceramic World Review has ranked Vietnam’s ceramic and tile producer Viglacera among the top 22 ceramic tile producers worldwide in terms of output as of December 31, 2021.

Viglacera ranks among top 22 ceramic tile producers worldwide (Photo: 

Viglacera is also Vietnam’s biggest construction materials manufacturer with an annual capacity of 43 million sq.m and exports to 70 countries. This year, the company debuted six new collections, built seven more plants and 16 showrooms, said the Vietnam News Agency.

Apart from improving the quality of eco-friendly construction materials, Viglacera also targets key markets such as the Republic of Korea, Japan, America and Europe.

It now has 11 industrial parks and one economic zone covering 4,210ha and attracting over 300 firms at home and abroad.


Viglacera is also Vietnam’s biggest construction materials manufacturer (Photo: 

By 2025, the company will increase the total number of Viglacera-branded IPs to 20, with over 10 new IPs sprawling 2,000-3,000ha.

In the south, it will also focus on social housing projects to speed up site clearance and develop IP projects, thus ensuring stable and sustainable growth.

Vietnam’s exports to Germany up 30.5% in 10 months

Vietnam’s export turnover to Germany enjoyed a year-on-year surge of 30.5% to 7.6 billion USD in the first 10 months of this year, according to the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Meanwhile, the import value was 2.96 billion USD, a slight decrease compared to the same period of last year, according to the Vietnam News Agency.

In the period, two-way trade reached nearly 10.6 billion USD, up 17.6% year-on-year.


Vietnam’s exports to Germany up 30.5% in 10 months (Photo: 

Vietnam mainly shipped machinery, component parts, automobile, footwear, garment and textiles, coffee and aquatic products to Germany, while importing machines, components, parts, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and automobile spare parts to the European country.

Germany is currently Vietnam’s biggest trade partner in Europe, accounting for 20% of the Southeast Asian country’s total trade value to the EU.

For Germany, Vietnam is a potential market and an important partner, especially in the context that the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement proves effective after the over-two-year implementation.

Fruit and vegetable exports to China skyrocket in October

Vietnamese fruit and vegetable exports to the Chinese market in October surged by 44.2% to US$151.7 million on-year, Radio the Voice of Vietnam quoted statistics released by the General Department of Vietnam Customs.

October witnessed the country rake in US$309.7 million from fruit and vegetable exports, thereby representing a rise of 22.9% compared to the previous year and an increase of 28.1% against October, 2021.

During the past 10 months of the year, the export value of fruit and vegetables reached US$2.75 billion, a decline of 8% against the same period from last year.


Fruit and vegetable exports to China skyrocket in October (Photo: 

Furthermore, fruit and vegetable exports enjoyed strong exports in October, especially to China, duly bringing exports to the Chinese market over the 10-month period to US$1.2 billion, down 25.8% on-year.

Most notably, there is positive outlook ahead for the export of fruit and vegetables to the Chinese market, particularly as local durians have been exported through official channels to China since September.

Moreover, there are a wealth of opportunities ahead for the export of local bananas to China moving forward, particularly as both China and Vietnam have recently signed a protocol relating to exporting fresh bananas.

Meanwhile, fruit and vegetable exports throughout the reviewed period to other foreign markets such as the United States, Thailand, and Japan also increased remarkably by 18.8%, 26.4%, and 6% to US$219 million, US$153.4 million, and US$141.3 million, respectively.

Simultaneously, China increased imports of bananas from the Vietnamese market during the past nine months of the year, with a turnover reaching US$213.3 million, up 49.2% on-year.

HCM City to host first International Photography Festival 2022

The International Photography Festival 2022, the first of its kind to be held in Vietnam, is scheduled to take place from November 25 to November 30 in Ho Chi Minh City, with the event featuring a wide range of activities.

An award-wining piece of work at an international photo contest will be displayed in the festival, said Radio the Voice of Vietnam.

The highlight of the occasion will be an international photography fair held at the Ho Chi Minh City Youth’s Cultural House, with this being a platform to showcase an array of award-wining pieces of work from photo contests around the globe.


An award-wining piece of work at an international photo contest will be displayed in the festival. (Photo: 

On display will be a range of equipment and new technology used in photography, whilst activities of photography clubs from across the country will be introduced at the event.

A seminar on contemporary photography, exchanges between Vietnamese and foreign artists, as well as a photo marathon and photo tour contests will also get underway.

Furthermore, an award ceremony of the second international photo contest organised by the HCM City Photography Association under the sponsorship of the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP), the Photographic Society of America (PSA), Image Sans Frontiere (ISF), and the Vietnam Association of Photographic Artists (VAPA) is slated to take place on November 30.

This year’s contest has attracted 5,834 entries by 534 photographers from 36 countries and territories globally./.

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