A cabin of the first train. (Photo: nld.com.vn)

Carriages of the train have been unloaded from specialized vehicles and then installed on the track for pilot running before putting into operation.

After bringing to Depot, the train will be adjusted and displayed at S1 Station on Road 32 in November for local people to visit. As planned, in January 2021, the first train will arrive in Vietnam and in June 2021, the country will receive all 10 trains for the route.

The Green Journey metro train consists of 3 colors: green, red and white with the symbol Khue Van Cac, designed by French manufacturer Alstom for the urban railway line 3.

Each train can carry 944 to 1,124 people, and runs with commercial speed of 35 kilometers per hour and design speed 80 kilometers per hour.

MRB surveyed the selection of design of the train in 2008 on more than 1,000 people of different ages, occupations and places of residence. More than 80% of them agreed with the design and over 90% said that they are ready to try the railway when it is in operation.

As scheduled, the 8.5 kilometer overhead section will be put into commercial use in the second half of 2021, starting from Nhon to S8 Station, Ministry of Transport, while the remaining 4 kilometer underground section will be exploited in the second half of 2022.  

When operational, the urban railway is expected to be a highlight in urban traffic in the western area of Hanoi./.