Colourful brocade in northern province

Wednesday, 08/06/2022 16:32
(CPV) - Brocade weaving in Lam Binh District, Tuyen Quang Province, has always been attractive not only to the ethnic communities here, but also many other ethnic groups in the northern highlands. This is also a positive cultural foundation for building and developing cultural tourism products, creating sustainable livelihoods, and increasing incomes for the people here.

Brocade weaving by ethnic minority people

Brocade weaving has been closely associated with the lives of ethnic minorities living
in Lam Binh for a long time.

It is also a way to assess a woman's ingenuity and talent

Pa Then ethnic women in Lam Binh are always proud of their traditional costumes.

The product is associated with Pa Then ethnic minority people’s life and culture.

Brocade manually produced by Tay ethnic minority people.

Handicraft products by Dao Do ethnic minority people are of high aesthetic value.

H’Mong ethnic minority people produce brocade.

Traditional brocade products of ethnic minorities are woven to make skirts, dresses, pillows and things for family activities.

Diverse contests on brocade weaving have been organized to improve skills, preserve and promote traditional brocade weaving, and build a beautiful image of the land and people with tourists.

Youngsters are trained to weave brocade by their relatives or in training courses.

Brocade products are interesting presents for tourists.

The preservation and promotion of traditional brocade weaving in Lam Binh District not only preserves the traditional cultural values, but also has a positive meaning to build and develop cultural tourism products, create livelihood sustainable design and increase income for local people.