Peach flowers bloom late in mountainous province

Tuesday, 22/03/2022 16:09
Coming to Vang Cha Phin Village, Cao Ma Po Commune, Quan Ba District, Ha Giang Province, tourists have the opportunity to admire the pink peach blossoms in the border region.

Fructus docyniae flowers colour highland region

Scent of grapefruit flowers in Hanoi's streets

The peach flowers in most places bloom in March

Cao Ma Po is a border commune about 33 km from Quan Ba District center.

The photos of the flowers are taken in mid-March by an owners of a tourism company.

Peach blossoms adorn a tile roofed house with spring color. Here, visitors seem to be separate from the noisy world, surrounded by only mountains, clouds and a peaceful valley.

High mountain terrain, cool climate all year round plus beautiful flowers blooming at the beginning of the year attract tourists to take photos.

In favorable weather, peach blossoms in Vang Cha Phin can bloom until the end of March.

Visitors can learn more about Han ethnic minority culture, architecture and daily life in border villages like Vang Cha Phin.

From March to September is the ideal time for tourists to visit and stay here.

BTA (Photos: VnExpress)