To beloved Spratly Islands

Thursday, 02/06/2022 17:55
(CPV) – From May 17-25, a delegation with over 200 delegates from central and local agencies, together with 41 overseas Vietnamese from 17 countries worldwide, visited the Spratly Islands and encouraged cadres, soldiers and people on the islands.

Bringing Tet to Spratly Islands

Sunrise on Spratly Islands

Before boarding, the delegation visited a memorial site for martyrs who sacrificed themselves in Gac Ma Island in 1988.

The delegation arrived in Song Tu Tay Island, joining a parade on the island.

Delegates were picked up by boats to visit the island.

Da Nam Island

Rear Admiral Pham Nhu Xuan, Deputy Commander of the Navy (L), head of the delegation, visited and encouraged cadres and soldiers on Sinh Ton Island.

The delegates talked with Song Tu Tay islanders.

Overseas Vietnamese community presented over VND2 billion to soldiers and people on Spratly Islands.

Deputy Head of the Party Central Committee Commission on Popularization and Education visited cadres and soldiers on Sinh Ton Islands.

Overseas Vietnamese with children on Spratly Islands.

A painter with children on the island.

Children on Song Tu Tay Island

A class on Spratly Islands

Art performance exchange

Vegetables on the island

Cadres and soldiers play sports on the island.