Workshop discusses attraction of overseas Vietnamese resources for tourism development

Wednesday, 09/08/2023 12:01
A workshop was held both online and direct forms by the State Committee for Overseas Vietnamese Affairs under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Vietnam National Authority of Tourism and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in Hanoi on August 8 to discuss how to attract resources from overseas Vietnamese to develop the domestic tourism.
Young overseas Vietnamese join Vietnam Summer Camp 2023 (Photo: VNA)

Speaking at the event, Ambassador Ngo Huong Nam, Vice Chairman of the State Committee for Overseas Vietnamese Affairs under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that the workshop aims to promote and attract overseas Vietnamese tourists to return to the homeland, and at the same time enhance understanding of Vietnam's nature, culture, and national identity for generations of expatriates; contribute to connecting and promoting cooperation and investment potential between overseas Vietnamese and localities.

This is also an opportunity to widely inform Vietnam's tourism development strategies and policies abroad; enhance the role of the Representative Office in promoting culture, tourism and investment between Vietnam and countries around the world.

He emphasized that overseas Vietnamese have become an important resource contributing to tourism development over the past years.

Since 2009, about 700,000 - 1 million overseas Vietnamese have returned to the homeland each year, equivalent to the number of Japanese visitors, the third largest source of foreign tourists to Vietnam. Therefore, the more than 5.3 million overseas Vietnamese form a highly potential market for the domestic tourism sector, he noted.

According to Mr. Nam, the Vietnam Summer Camp, which has been held for young overseas Vietnamese for 20 years, as an example, suggesting to organize similar programs to lured overseas Vietnamese visitors.

According to the Vietnam National Authority of Tourism, the demand and potential of the overseas Vietnamese tourist market is great. Overseas Vietnamese can contribute to the domestic tourism sector by returning to visit their relatives, learn about traditions, and explore investment opportunities.

In addition, domestic businesses are also implementing many creative ideas to attract overseas Vietnamese tourists, it added.

At the workshop, overseas Vietnamese representatives shared how to promote overseas Vietnamese’s role in drawing tourists to the country, the demand of overseas Vietnamese in the US and Europe to go back to the homeland to spend their holidays, and some countries’ experience in this issue.

Travel companies highlighted the prospect of tourism combined with family visit and investment chance exploration, as well as medical tourism for overseas Vietnamese.

Meanwhile, officials from Dien Bien and Phu Tho provinces presented their localities’ tourism potential and incentives for overseas Vietnamese visitors.

On this occasion, the Vietnam National Authority of Tourism and the State Committee for Overseas Vietnamese Affairs signed a cooperation agreement to attract overseas Vietnamese resources for tourism development./.