Typical characteristics in architecture and art of an ancient village of the Red River Delta can be found in Duong Lam village. Coming to the village, tourists can discover the cultural tradition of ancient Vietnamese people and experience peaceful life. 

The village gate remains original compared to its building since King Le Than Tong’s rule. Under the shade of the ancient banian tree, it became a place to stay of soldiers or farmers.

Mong Phu communal house is the centre of Duong Lam village. The construction which is outstanding of the ancient Vietnamese people is some 1,800 square metres in area. It has been ranked as a national historic and cultural relic.

The well is an indispensable part of Duong Lam village heritage.

Mong Phu church was inaugurated in 1954.

Around the village are ancient houses. In the picture, visitors are in a 200-year-old house, one of the most ancient houses in Duong Lam village.

In the house is traditional practices and custom passed from generations to generations. Ha Huu The family’s ancient house and its traditional soybean jam and alcohol production is one of tourists’ favorite destinations.

Peaceful allies

Gentle lifestyle in Duong Lam ancient village…

… creates a peaceful picture.

Duong Lam ancient village is finding ways to attract more and more tourists.
BTA (Photos: NDO)