Bamboo Airways will resume the Hanoi - Taipei (China) route from September 29

Specifically, the carrier will re-operate international flights to Tokyo (Japan), Seoul (the Republic of Korea) and Taipei (China) from September 29, 2020, with the following specific frequencies: 1 flight every Tuesday on Ho Chi Minh City - Tokyo (Narita, Japan) route, 1 flight every Wednesday on Ho Chi Minh City - Seoul (Incheon, the Republic of Korea) route and 1 flight every Thursday on  Hanoi - Taipei (China) route.

Passengers departing from Vietnam must have a medical certificate with a negative COVID-19 test result, taken at most 3 days before departure time, as well as comply with mandatory medical quarantine requirements of the host countries.

From September 18, Vietnam Airlines officially resumed regular international flights, as the COVID-19 pandemic is well controlled in the country and the domestic aviation market is recovering.

It operates a one-way flight route from Vietnam to Japan. Flights from Hanoi to Narita (Tokyo) depart at 23h45 on September 18, 25 and 30, while flights from Ho Chi Minh City to Narita take off at 0h00 on September 30, using Boeing 787 wide-body aircraft.

For the return, the carrier has not been permitted to sell tickets to customers from Japan to Vietnam because it has to wait for specific regulations from the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam. Currently, Vietnam Airlines is working with the authority to propose a specific plan. 

For flights to the Republic of Korea, Vietnam Airlines is flying 1 flight every week to carry passengers to Seoul and the return just carries cargo, not passengers. For routes to Taiwan (China) and Guangzhou (China), the carrier is waiting for specific regulations from the aviation authorities to make specific flight plans.

Bamboo Airways said that the Hanoi - Taipei (China) route is expected to be resumed from September 29 with 1 flight every week, while the Hanoi – Seoul (the Republic of Korea) is expected to be re-operated from October 7, also with 1 flight every week.

For new routes to Japan, Bamboo Airways plans to put into operation the Ho Chi Minh City - Tokyo (Narita Airport) route from November 1 and the Hanoi - Tokyo route from December 2020./.