Ho Chi Minh City among Top destinations to enjoy a coffee not to missed. (Photo: booking.com)

The vote is part of activities to celebrate International Coffee Day (October 1st).

HCM City occupies seventh position in the standings. It was followed by Istanbul in Turkey, London in the UK and Paris in France.

At the top of this ranking is the Italian city of Naples. Another Italian city is Rome in third place: second is the Ukrainian city of Lviv, fourth is Melbourne in Australia, fifth is the Austrian capital Vienna and sixth is Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

According to Booking.com, Vietnam has a rich and diverse coffee culture, many regions even make their own variations to produce their own specialties, one of which is egg coffee. HCM City is home to many high-end cafes, and there are still many traditional places where locals and tourists sit on plastic chairs along the way to sip iced coffee with milk.

Booking.com also suggests international visitors experience Vietnam’s coffee culture like a local by taking a Vietnamese coffee tour when travel is permitted.

According to this suggestion, after experiencing the coffee culture of the southern hub amidst the busy streets, visitors can enjoy coffee while staying at Chez Mimosa - Boutique Hotel, where tea and coffee are provided to all guests every day./.