Vietnam’s outbound tourism market recovers faster

Wednesday, 23/11/2022 15:15
As many as 88.5% of Vietnamese tourists traveled both domestically and internationally in the first nine months of this year. The outbound tourism market in Vietnam has recovered strongly, faster than expected.
The Republic of Korea is one of the three most popular destinations for Vietnamese tourists after COVID-19 restrictions were lifted. (Photo: visitkorea) 

This is the main conclusion of the summary report on outbound tourism trends of Vietnamese tourists in 2022 recently released by the Outbox Company, which supplies data research and analysis solutions for the tourism and hotel industries.

Outbox Company found that outbound tourism in Vietnam has recovered faster than previous forecast. Even, despite being interrupted by the pandemic, Vietnamese tourists’ need of reconnecting with the foreign tourism market is not reduced, but promises to increase sharply in the post-COVID-19 period.

According to the company’s survey, 69.25% of Vietnamese outbound visitors considered foreign travel a hobby and regular activity. 57% said they had to travel after being restrained because of the long distance.

Summer is always the exciting period for overseas travel for Vietnamese tourists. Vietnam’s outbound tourism market has made great leaps in the summer 2022 peak season, stretching from April to the end of August, in which, the peak period is June.

There are 3 main factors affecting the decision to choose an overseas destination of Vietnamese tourists, which are: Cost of trip (49.6%), available information on the safety of destination (44.6%), and the match of destination to personal preferences (41.8%).

In particular, up to 65% of Vietnamese outbound travelers spend more on overseas trips in 2022 than a similar trip before the pandemic./.