Vietnam tourism flourishes during Christmas and New Year 2024

Sunday, 31/12/2023 10:43
(CPV) - Christmas 2023 has passed, and the New Year 2024 is coming. This is also the peak tourist season in Vietnam. On these days, the number of international visitors to Vietnam always increases impressively. Coming to the country, tourists have many interesting things to experience because even though Vietnamese people do not consider this a main holiday and not everyone celebrates this day, they still hold many activities to welcome it.

Santa Claus of Vietnam Airlines appears and surprises passengers. (Photo:

Celebrate Christmas and New Year in Hanoi

On this occasion, although Vietnamese people don’t have days off on December 24-25, visitors can hear Christmas songs on every street, from shops to hotels in Hanoi.

On December 23 - 24, Noi Bai Airport organized five points to present gifts to passengers at the international and domestic terminals. Passengers unexpectedly received stuffed animals and conical hats from Santa Claus, watched music performances, and experienced 360-degree check-in video. All created a warm, bustling festive atmosphere right at the capital's international aviation gateway.

In addition, on the night of December 24, many young people and foreign tourists also flocked to the center of the capital to immerse themselves in the Christmas atmosphere. This year, Hanoi Cathedral is decorated with colorful flower lights and a 15m high Christmas tree, attracting local people and tourists. The miniature grotto inside the church where Jesus was born is elaborately decorated. Besides the Cathedral, Hang Ma Street where many Christmas decorations are sold also attracted many people.

International tourists enjoy celebrating Christmas in Binh Thuan

According to, on these days, the spaces at tourist areas and resorts in Ham Tien and Mui Ne areas were all decorated quite early with bright colors on pine trees, snowmen, Santa Claus amd reindeer carts. A few days ago, most hotels in Binh Thuan organized a Christmas tree candle lighting program as an opening activity for the festive season. Along with that, a series of new tourism products were launched right on these days to create travel service packages for the Christmas season.

International tourists welcome Christmas in Binh Thuan with their families.

According to General Manager of Pandanus Resort Peter Gahuser, on this holiday, the resort welcomed about 300 guests, with room occupancy reaching about 50%; more than 80% are international guests, mainly German, Korean, Swiss, Austrian or French. The staff there practice a lot of Christmas songs to bring a close atmosphere to tourists. In addition, Santa Claus also gave gifts to guests to bring a happy atmosphere.

International visitors to Binh Thuan in 2023 reach about 220,000 arrivals. The busiest season for guests to stay is Christmas and New Year.

Mr. Christoph Holzapfe, General Manager of Anantara Resort, said, "Compared to last year, the number of guests in this year's Christmas increased. Most guests stay for a long time, so we try to organize many activities for guests to take rest and explore here. Accordingly, the activities last from December 22 to January 2, 2024. We hope the number of visitors in 2024 will continue to increase."

Foreign visitors enjoy warm Christmas in Saigon

According to VnExpress, on the occasion of Christmas 2023, Paris Commune Square and Notre Dame Cathedral attract a large number of local people and tourists. This is the first year the church has decorated for Christmas since its restoration began in 2017. Bhumij Gupta, an Indian tourist coming to Saigon for the first time, shared that every store and shopping center here is decorated splendidly with the highlight of beautifully decorated pine trees. Margaux Maille, a French tourist who welcomed Christmas abroad, chose Ho Chi Minh City to stop to experience this holiday season in a tropical country. Another French tourist, Bern Licie Siavy, shared that Christmas in Saigon is wonderful, everywhere is beautifully decorated and the people are very friendly.

 More than 1,000 Christians in Ho Chi Minh City attend the Christmas mass at Notre Dame Cathedral on the evening of December 24, 2023.

In Vietnam, for many years, Christmas is no longer just a holiday for Christians but has become an occasion for many people to have fun and give each other gifts and wishes of well-being. Therefore, on these days, many activities are organized across the country, giving tourists, especially international visitors, many interesting experiences in many localities of Vietnam. Whether you choose Hanoi, Saigon, Binh Thuan or other localities, each place brings you unforgettable memories. The beauty and uniqueness of each location in Vietnam will certainly make visitors' Christmas season richer and more meaningful than ever./.